Gifts For Girlfriends

Here's a heap of gift choices for all the men with girlfriends who say they don't want a gift this year. Because everyone knows that line is the ultimate charade of trickery. A test of a boyfriend's ability to figure out not only that his girlfriend never, ever means what she says or says what she wants, but also what she says actually means that she does or doesn't want. Invariably, he ends up giving her roses or a Whitman's sampler, which she'll think is nice and all, but tell her friends lacks creativity and effort and any indication that he, like, gets her. So as a courtesy to all the poor saps and sphinx-like girlfriends out there, I have created this Gifts for Girlfriends guide, which contains every item every girlfriend could ever want, unless the girlfriend is unstable or never satisfied or crazy. So, yeah, the guide contains every item 20% of girlfriends could ever want.
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Villa Vals

$1,061 - $4,300 from Villa Vals »

Cyber Armor

$175 - $695 from Etsy »


$19.57 - $107.85 from Sexcereal »