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Azio Retro Classic Keyboards

$189.99 - $219.99 from Amazon »

Clickety-clack Azio's Retro Classic Keyboards talk back. Maybe you need a gift for Mom who misses her typewriter, or maybe you yourself have a fascination with technology from the days of yore. In addition to providing...

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Saucemoto In-Car Dip Clip

Is the Saucemoto, a dip clip that latches onto the air vent in your car, a solution to or perpetuation of a problem? Do we really want people who have just gotten a 20-piece order of McNuggets and large fries dipping...

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Grow A Girlfriend / Boyfriend

$4.27 - $5.97 from Amazon »

Valentine's Day. The best day of the year to be single. No worries right? You just go about your day as if it were any regular day. And really, what more could you ask for? If you do want some troubles though, perhaps...

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SpotMini - Boston Dynamics Robot Dog

Thankfully, Boston Dynamics has chosen to name this robotic walking canine-oid from my nightmares SpotMini. Otherwise, I think people would be terrified of this. It's just so doglike without having any tail wag or endearing...

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SIXOVERONE 6-Pack Bottle Opener

$25 from SIXOVERONE »

The dudes (and they have to be dudes) behind SIXOVERONE know their 6-pack bottle opener is pure novelty gift, and a non-necessity to the beer-drinking world. On their website they crack as many jokes about their kitschy...

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Osaka Thermal Shock Proof Coffee Mug

$12.99 from Amazon »

The Osaka coffee mug isn't Japanese, but it did get its name from the city on Japan's Honshu island, whose bumpin' coffee shops and brewing techniques inspired the makers of this unique, glass-based line. The cup is made...

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Scorpion Knuckles

Ahhh, a gift fit for a Scorpion King. Present these Scorpion Knuckles to Mathayus, and you should get a hearty Dilly, dilly! in return...

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Gun Shaped Knife with LED Light

$16.95 from Etsy »

Pull the trigger on this gun and get a slash instead of a bang. Ruck Gear makes and engraves gun shaped pocket knives to order, with initials, names, or other text, in your choice of font. They're a simple, but still...

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Special Ingredients Shitzlinger Action Pack

$15.96 from Amazon »

I'm not sure whether Shomer-Tec's Special Ingredients line of products are more prank or more spy. Maybe they fall somewhere in between. In case you're not familiar with these products, they come in vials filled with...

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Miniature Tabletop Desktop Warfare Kit

$17.99 from Amazon »

I'd like to incorporate a This Ballista Kit, based on the artillery weapon design used by the Roman Empire, will enjoy a loooong career in desktop warfare at my office. But I'm also thinking of rolling the little wooden...

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The Forktula

$6 from Forktula »

Forktula, where were you last week when I got the stink-eye for licking mushroom sauce off my plate at a Chicago steak house? (I couldn't not do it! That sauce was deee-licious. And expensive. Leaving it would have wasted...

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DroneGun Tactical - Portable Drone Countermeasure

Are you sick of real estate agents getting aerial footage of new listings in your area? Drone Shield has you covered. Finally a safe way to bring down those quadcopters from the sky without having to fire a single shot...

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YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug

$43 from Amazon »

YETI admits it: "The YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug is the...most over-engineered camp mug out there." At least as over-engineered as the beard of the dude drinking from one of the mugs in the image gallery above. OK, fine, YETI...

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GoVision HD Video Camera Sunglasses

$129.99 from GoVision »

When you conquer ski jumps and skeleton runs like a Winter Olympian GoVision's Pro S full HD video camera sunglasses will record the perspective footage to prove it, hands-free, and with a single touch...

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Flagrant Beard HAVOC Neck Knife

$110.86 from Amazon »

I am not a weekend warrior. More a weekend coucher. But, if I were, this seems like the neck knife that I would want on my person. The Flagrant Beard HAVOC stems from an essential necessity of law enforcement and military...

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The Boring Company Flamethrower

Sold Out from The Boring Company »

Elon Musk's The Boring Company has fired up its next gimmick fun and cheeky piece of merchandise for Hyperloop supporters. The forthcoming Boring Company Flamethrower follows their "The Boring Company" embroidered baseball...

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4-USB Front & Back Seat Car Charging Hub

$23.93 from Amazon »

The Road Rockstar frees the rest of the band in the car from the USB-hogging frontman. Belkin developed this 2-piece charger with 4 total USB ports to accommodate both front and back seat passengers. It has a pair of...

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Airo Wearable Anxiety Detector & Counselor

$199.99 from AIRO »

Think of Airo as a wellness tracker and AI therapist. The watch-style wearable is designed to detect elevated anxiety and stress levels, and then counsel you through bringing them back down, and achieving some relief...

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Lensball Photo Effect Accessory

$29.95 - $39.95 from Amazon »

Crystall ball refraction photography. The Lensball brings this mouthful of a photo effect to anyone interested in exploring the powers of a different kind of crystal. Hold this hardened clear crystal sphere in front of...

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PowerBar - Portable AC Power Outlet

$199.99 from Amazon »

The Jackery PowerBar lets you take the wall with you! Well, the outlet in the wall anyway. This portable AC power outlet provides the same charge you get from the same 3-prong plug you get it from in standard wall outlets...

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Hand & Forearm Massager

$49.99 from Amazon »

Roleo: hand and forearm massager or a little something the Road Runner cooked up for Wile E. Coyote? Visions of my fingers coming out the other side of these industrial-looking rollers flatter than piss on a plate make...

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The Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

$49.95 from Amazon »

A cat scratcher and lounge that's modern and sexy and might even be nicer than any of the hooman furniture I own? And that's way, way cheaper than the other best cat scratching post I've ever seen? My cat, Zanzibar, and...

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ONO Roller

ONO! Another fidget toy! The height of the trend has passed, but the ONO Roller still sees a place for itself in a post-spinner market. ONO calls itself a "tool" rather than a "toy," and the double cylinders are designed...

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Night Vision Goggles

$599 from Amazon »

These hands-free night vision goggles mean surveillance, after-dark expeditions, and finding the perfect bush to pee on in the middle of the night aren't just possible, they're on like Donkey Kong!...