Lotus Belle Luxury Canvas Tents

By: on May 06, 2015
$1,800 - $2,800
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I recently learned a new word from my girlfriend, She-Ra: Princess of Power, and although I swore I would never use it, it's all I can think of when I look at these canvas tents from Lotus Belle. The word is "glamping." Glamping has a few definitions in the Urban Dictionary. In simplest terms it is "Shorthand for glamorous camping." But my favorite interpretation is definition #3: "Glamorous camping; when rich bitches can pay someone to do all the work for them." Or, I would add, afford to purchase their own $2,000 luxury tent to vacay in the great outdoors.

So if you fall into one of the above categories, and want to go glamping, I would highly recommend a Lotus Belle for the trip. Really. I'm not knocking them. I myself would much rather soak up nature by sleeping in a king-size bed atop a waterproof 340gsm PVC floor covered in sheepskin rugs than in a sack on the bare ground too. And why hike mountains and eat Ramen cooked over a Pocket Rocket stove and worry about bears ransacking my tent when I can do yoga and relish free flowing wine and homemade Spanish paella and hang out with a stuffed rooster from within my Lotus Belle? Believe me, if I had the means to live that life...or if a certain company wanted to let me test it out gratis for a week or two...I would.

Lotus Belle luxury tents come in 13' and 16' floor diameter sizes, plus a few different editions of each. The 13' tent measures 14.8' at its widest point (waist level) and 9.8' high. It is fitted with a pair of 2.6 x 2.3' windows, and a 5' x 3.5' door. Total weight: 124 pounds. Hefty indeed, but the yurt-like luxury abode does pack down pretty nicely. Folded and fit into its accompanying duffel bag, the 13' Lotus Belle is about 4' x 1.3' x 1.3'--small enough to stuff into the trunk of a car. The 16' model is just slightly bigger at 146 pounds, and packs to 4.2' x 1.3' x 1.3.

Lotus Belle tents are completely waterproof and their 350gsm canvas is treated to for resistance to mold, mildew, rot, and fire. Assembled they have 10 supporting poles and multiple guy ropes for anchorage. The company recommends slackening the ropes during storms to enable some flexure, but says that they have personally tested their tents in winds of around 45 mph, with buyers writing in to report theirs have weathered gusts of 60+ mph.

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SmithFly Shoal Floating Tent

$1,499 from SmithFly »

We've seen tents in the trees, so why not tents on the water? The Shoal tent combines the floating fun of an inflatable raft with the after hours coverage of a sealed, waterproof canopy. That I sure hope is stronger than...

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The Tree Tent

$12,900 from Tree Tent »

I wish it didn't look like the wasp nest I fell on as a result of being clumsy when I was kid, but other than that the Tree Tent seems pretty cool. An environmentally-friendly suspended abode that can comfortably accommodate...

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The Camperbox - Backseat Bed in a Bag

$157 - $175 from The Camperbox »

It's like The Camperbox read my mind. I was just talking about sleeping in a van down by the river. But it was in reference to Raptor's Platform XL fishing boat, what I consider to be the water-faring version of a van...

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Tentsile Stingray Tree Tent

$675 from Tentsile »

Here's a tip about stingrays: if you fear getting slapped or impaled by one while walking across the ocean floor, shuffle along the sand instead of taking normal steps. Rays like to lay low, and your disturbance of the...

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The Cave Inflatable Tent

$700 from Heimplanet »

I used to climb on a structure shaped like HEIMPLANET's Cave on the playground when I was kid. The Dome of Death me and Cornelius and Victor called it, on account of our attempts to knock off anyone who tried to use it...

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Adventure Gear Camping Trailer

$8,995 from SylvanSport »

I bet that lady making such frequent and variable use of her SylvanSport GO camping trailer wishes the family and friends who are going to enjoy its 4 air mattresses, bed and table panels, rear awning, and abundant storage...

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Armadillo Tea Canopy

The belly of a beast doesn't have to be Old Testament-style miserable and wet and reeking of rotting fish. Unlike Jonah, you'll be able to relish some shade from the blaring sun, some shelter from the summer rains, and...

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Privacy Pop Bed Tent

$104.99 - $149.99 from Amazon »

It's about that time of year. The time that anyone with a new roommate starts to assess exactly how he or she feels about said roommate. Best bud, mortal enemy, tolerable nuisance, unfortunate insertion into the human...

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The Tentanic 1,000-Person Tent

$11,882 from Firebox.com »

Ahhh, the Tentanic is cruising towards shore just in time for both camping season, and the 3D re-release of Leonardo DiCaprio's most humiliating 3 hours on the big screen. A 1:2 scale replica of the luxurious Titanic...

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Tentsile Trillium Hammock

$250 from Amazon »

You might have previously seen another of Tentsile's hanging dens, the Stingray tree tent, around here. The Trillium hammock shares the Stingray's dangling disposition, with more portability, more variable usage options...

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Nube Hammock Shelter

$275 - $410 from Sierra Madre »

The Jetsons-approved Nube [insert fancy French acute accent over the "e" and say "New-bay"] awards people who like to sleep outside with the benefits of a hammock: suspension, simplicity, motherly rocking; without the...

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Cocoon Tree

$8k from Cocoon Tree »

Cocoon Trees could be tents. Or they could just be hangouts. Time outs. Nap outs. Whatever, and wherever they are the spherical structures will definitely stand out....