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ResQLink+ Buoyant Personal Locator Beacon

$264.23 from Amazon »

You don't need a monthly or annual subscription to use ACR's ResQLink+ Personal Locator Beacon, but if you decide to activate this tiny floating PLB, you better make damn sure you're in need of a search and rescue. Middle-of-the-ocean...

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UCO Stormproof Matches

$8.44 from Amazon »

It's easy for UCO to say their Stormproof Matches burn through windy and wet conditions. That they'll burn for 25 seconds regardless of the gusts or downpours they're in. That they're so waterproof the matches will still...

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YETI Hondo Base Camp Chair

$299.99 from YETI »

The empty weight of YETI's forthcoming Hondo Base Camp Chair is a hefty 16-1/2 pounds. But I think its load bearing capacity more than compensates for the additional load it imposes. During testing, the chair's break...

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Swedish Fire Torch Log Grill

$69.99 from Amazon »

You'll earn any meal you cook on the Swedish Fire Torch, a grill assembled with a sectioned stainless steel plate, a set of stabilizing rods, and a log split into quarters. The quarter splitting comes courtesy of you...

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MecArmy Titanium Carabiner Flashlight

$129.90 from Amazon »

MecArmy says their FL10 is "probably the first carabiner coming with a flashlight." Probably. They're too busy churning out TC4 titanium torches styled after climbers' favorite clips to fact check, but...yeah, probably...

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Stikkan Kindling Maker

$179 from Amazon »

I was a fan of the Stikkan kindling maker before it caused a huge fight between me and She-Ra: Princess of Power. I said, "Hey, look at this firewood splitter video. You mount it to a wall or tree outside and it makes...

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YakTrax Walk Traction Cleats

$9.93 - $18 from Amazon »

As much as I love bloopers videos of people slipping on ice and biting it in snowy winter weather, I don't love it when the subject of such videos is me. YakTrax are traction cleats that slip on over your outdoor shoes...

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GoFloats Winter Snow Tubes

$29.99 from Amazon »

Santa's got his herd of reindeer to fly him through the sky, you've got a herd of unicorn...and polar bears, penguins, and pink flamingoes to fly you through the snow. GoFloats Winter Snow Tubes look like your average...

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Bradley Snow Tube Sleds

$89 - $149 from Amazon »

I like this Deluxe Edition of Bradley's Snow Tube. It's a sledding twofer! One inflatable 48" truck inner tube with RapidGlide bottom for She-Ra: Princess of Power to lounge down the hills in, and one little Snow Saucer...

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Pocket Knife Sharpener

$6.89 from Amazon »

This pocket knife sharpener re-sharpens about any blade you've got in just 3 to 4 strokes. I wish I could use it on other stuff I've got that's dulled. Like, say, my brain...

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BakerStone Original Pizza Oven Box for the Grill

$112.99 - $159.97 from Amazon »

I do like me some pizza out of a box. Here, BakerStone trades in the cardboard of what we'd normally think of as a pizza box for stone and metal. This is the Pizza Oven Box, so named because BakerStone says it will transform...

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EURO Blackcan Hot Water Heated Camping Mat

$389.99 from Amazon »

Yep, the EURO Blackcan hot water heated camping mat looks like it will keep you nice and warm at night during winter or high altitude camping trips. But I prefer another, way, way less complicated and expensive method...

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The Bushcraft Fire Starter Necklace

$28 from Amazon »

Add a spark to your relationship by gifting your lady The Bushcraft, a fire starter necklace as outdoor chic as it is survival savvy. The handcrafted pendant is made in 2 parts, both serving aesthetic and functional purposes...

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Squirrel Tree Climber Garden Statue

$99.99 from Amazon »

Whoa, this Squirrel Tree Climber statue for your garden is so realistic neighbors and passersby are going to take one look and think they're as nuts as the acorns the squirrel has belayed himself up to get. Hand-painted...

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Bat House

$24.99 from Amazon »

Whether your problem is bats in the attic or mosquitos in the yard, SparkleBerry Industries says their Bat House is your best bat. Uh, bet...

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EZ Ice - DIY 60-Minute Backyard Ice Rink

Sold Out from Amazon »

EZ Ice says its DIY backyard ice rinks are so fast and easy to put together that even your kids could do it. In 60 minutes! Which means you should definitely get an EZ Ice backyard ice rink and put those couch-lounging...

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Collapsible Silicone Camping Kettle

$18.40 from Amazon »

Fill the extra space this Collapsible Camping Kettle will leave in your bag with the coffee, tea, or Ramen you'll use it to make. Freshware's accordion pot is made of flexible, heat-resistant, food-grade silicone along...

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Snow Joe Ultra Electric Snow Thrower

$158.94 from Amazon »

The Snow Joe Ultra says it can throw up to 650 pounds of snow per minute, clearing up to 2,450 square feet per hour! Someone who isn't me is sure going to have fun clearing off the driveway and entry walk and sidewalk...

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Archipod Office Dome

The Archipod: It's not bigger on the inside, but it should be plenty big enough to get your creative and productive juices flowing as a backyard work dome. Plus, it looks pretty damn cool. If you're craving your own sphere...

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The Wellness Capsule Modular Outdoor Sauna

I wonder if Kung's Wellness Capsule is like the Cocoon swimming pool. A sauna that restores my life force and makes me feel 20 years younger. Even if it's not, the modular outdoor respite is one of the finest pieces of...

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Stargaze Swinging & Reclining Camp Chair

$219.95 from NEMO Equipment »

Lean back, take a sway to and fro', and have a little look at the night sky with NEMO's Stargaze reclining camp chair. A portable seat that swings & leans, leans & swings, the Stargaze looks to help you relax after a...

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YETI LoadOut Fishing & Utility Bucket

$39.99 from Amazon »

YETI made a bucket. Not surprising given the outdoor giant's stature and reputation. But is the YETI bucket a slam dunk? Let's see what kind of offense it's got...

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Greenworks 145 MPH Cordless Leaf Blower

$269 from Amazon »

Raking leaves blows. So you blow harder with Greenworks' 145MPH Pro 80V Li-Ion MAX leaf blower, a cordless cleanup tool whose brushless motor and turbo button can stir up and knock around yard debris 580 CFM at 145 MPH...

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SmithFly Shoal Floating Tent

$1,499 from SmithFly »

We've seen tents in the trees, so why not tents on the water? The Shoal tent combines the floating fun of an inflatable raft with the after hours coverage of a sealed, waterproof canopy. That I sure hope is stronger than...