Fantasy Camps

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The Fragment Smash & Bash Rage Room

$38 - $220 from The Fragment Room »

For $220...and the cost of a trip to could enter The Fragment Room, and unleash 60 uninterrupted minutes of all-out rage. Smash the plates and vases. Bash in the monitor. Take a bat to the walls. Scream....

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The World's Longest Tunnel Slide

$15 - $22 from ArcelorMittal Orbit »

Virtual reality may be a rising star, but the ArcelorMittal Orbit is going all-out, balls-to-the-wall IRL this summer with its curving, spiraling, plummeting tunnel slide. Dubbed simply "The Slide," this 584-foot-long...

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Dinner in the Sky

It's not quite a mile high, and the activity doesn't offer quite the same line of pleasure, but adventuresome foodies can still enjoy panoramic views and an orgasmic culinary experience dangling a hundred feet in the...

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Invisible Boyfriend

Invisible Boyfriend may have just gone viral, but I'm sure a load of other apps and services--have been churning out realistic-ish virtual sig o's for a while now. Still, Invisible Boyfriend has somehow...

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Rent-a-Rebound - Post-Breakup Virtual Sweetheart

$500 from »

Happy Valentine's Day. Unless you're single and lonely. Especially unless you're single and lonely because you just got dumped. But cheer up, minced-hearted Charlies, I've got even better tidings for you. Tidings, dare...

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Lightsaber Combat Academy

How is it possible that the Italians--the Italians!--are the first people on Earth to create a nationwide franchise of lightsaber combat academies? If not the US I could maybe, maybe see Japan taking the lead here, but...

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Indoor Ninja Throwing Star Range

I don't know too much about Lexington, Kentucky. Well, really I don't know anything about Lexington, Kentucky except that beginning Spring 2014 it will be #1 on my list of vacation destinations. In Spring 2014 Ninjas...

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Balloon Capsule Ride to the Edge of Earth

$75k from World View »

Lance Bass, your dreams of space travel may be alive yet. Presuming you'd be willing to settle for a hot air balloon ride at the edge of the earth instead of an actual interstellar sojourn. Arizona-based aerospace firm...

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Abercrombie & Kent Private Jet Tour of Africa

$79,995 from Abercrombie & Kent »

If you're going to spend three weeks taking in the sweeping and breathtaking natural wonders of Africa, you may as well feel more connected to the continent's rawness and rugged land by backpacking, or otherwise traipsing...

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Zombie Blitz 1940 - ZDay Battle Experience

$100 from »

Simulate ZDay. Fight zombies. Know how Marty McFly felt when he walked down the streets of 1955. But you'll be even further back in time. You'll be in 1940, in the midst of WWII. Instead of fighting off your teenage mom's...

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Luxury Mile High Club Experience

$7,750 from »

Don't just simulate them in a Jet Bed, realize your aero-fantasies with the Luxury Mile High Club Experience., peddlers of myriad activities intended to prevent life and its inhabitants from becoming boring...

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Cage of Death Crocodile Dive

$116 - $158 from Crocosaurus Cove »

I like to flirt with death every now and again. Provided death does its return eye bats and tooth flashes from the other side of an impenetrable fiberglass cage, anyway. Crocosaurus Cove Darwin in Australia's Northern...

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Drive a Tank Experience

$399 - $1,300 from Drive a Tank »

Tank camp? Oh boy, I've been looking for an excuse to go to Kasota, Minnesota! The Drive a Tank family owns and operates this adrenaline-jacking experience 90 minutes outside of Minneapolis, during which participants...

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Riot Training Experience

$125 from »

You've defied gravity (and hung onto your lunch) plummeting to the earth on the Insano. You've battled zombies through the racks of Nordstrom. Now it's time to get behind--or in front of--the shields,

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Stompy the Rideable Robot

Say hello to my open-source, 18-foot-wide, 4,000-pound, 6-legged hydraulic little friend. His name's Stompy, and he is a gargantuan spideresque robot currently being built to tote humans, and crush the living bejeesus

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APC Tank Paintball Battle

$140 from Armourgeddon »

Who wants to come out and play with me, my paintball guns, and my colossal FV432 Armored Personnel Carrier? Armourgeddon, based out of Leicestershire, England (sorry, US of A) hosts extreme paintball experiences headlined...

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Mall Massacre Zombie Hunting Expedition

$189 from »

As if $80 Jessica Simpson shoes, $14,000 Victoria Beckham handbags, and $50 Adam Levine perfume weren't scary enough, now the mall, just like the bowling alley, has been overtaken by zombies. Your mission: kill them....

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World's Toughest Mudder Obstacle Course

$125 from Tugh Mudder »

What is the World's Toughest Mudder 2012? Think of it like this: there's network TV, and then there's HBO. There's a burger, and then there's a double bacon cheeseburger. There's "'Till the World Ends" Britney, and then...

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Fighter Pilot for a Day

$1,395 from Air Combat USA »

No matter how deep Tom Cruise sinks into Scientological insanity, or how pudgy and disconnected from reality Val Kilmer becomes, will there ever be a red blooded American male who wouldn't put a full nelson on the chance...

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Edge Walk at the CN Tower

$175 from Edge Walk »

They say walking is great exercise. And, what better place to do it than 1,168 feet above the ground? Enjoy a nice stroll around the ring of the CN Tower. Best case scenario, it's fun. Worst case, you fall over 100 stories...