Indoor Ninja Throwing Star Range

By: on December 26, 2013

I don't know too much about Lexington, Kentucky. Well, really I don't know anything about Lexington, Kentucky except that beginning Spring 2014 it will be #1 on my list of vacation destinations. In Spring 2014 Ninjas, an indoor throwing star range, is scheduled to open.

I don't know too much about this activity center to end all activity centers except that, first and foremost, its motto echoes my own sentiments: HELL YES!, and, secondarily:

  • Ninjas will have indoor throwing star lanes available for use by 15 to 20 ninjas and/or unskilled people who enjoy flinging sharp objects at a time.
  • Ninjas will sell over 500 shurikens.
  • And maybe blowdarts because the facility will also house a blowgun range.
  • Lessons will be on offer. Hopefully protective eyewear and suturing kits too.
  • Patrons 21 and over will be able to break from throwing bladed stars and refresh themselves in Ninjas' sake bar. Now that sounds like both a terrible, and a terribly tasty idea.
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Benthic Knife

Five seconds into a look through Triangle Krav Maga's Website and Facebook photo stream and two things become abundantly clear: these cats do not F around; and I would like an application to become one of them. After...

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Hand Forged Samurai Swords

$125 - $6,990 from Swords of Northshire »

Swords of Northshire works directly with a forge in Longquan to satisfy all of your samurai sword needs. Or, more likely, create your sudden and intense samurai sword needs. Handmade from the ground up, the retailer's...

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Mini Titanium Katana with Tritium Insert

$149 from Metal Worn »

Just as the Bride conquered O-Ren Ishii with a Hattori Hanzo katana, Metal Worn has conquered the ultimate gift for a geek with their Ti-Katana, a miniature titanium katana sword whose tsuka contains a tritium vial insert....

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Caltrops Tashibishi Spiked Stoppers

$7.99 from Amazon »

Now this doesn't look like a very nice thing to do to someone. But I guess if s/he cheats, steals your wo/man, gets you fired, or breaks your favorite Star Wars collectible, one method of revenge is to Caltrops Tashibishi...

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Kitchen Ninja Knife Block

$102.81 from Amazon »

A Kitchen Ninja Knife Block for all the Kitchen Klutzes like me! Skilled, stealthy, and precise with my blade hovering above an onion I am not, but my inner covert agent of feudal Japan would still like to see this knife...

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Blood Rayne Arm Blade

Sold Out from Amazon »

Although Agent BloodRayne used a similar arm blade to exterminate vampires, this non-digitized replica is made of stainless steel, not silver, so it will be of little assistance in your mission to annihilate Edward Cullen...

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Ninja Hand Claw Climbing Tigers Spikes

$9.95 from Amazon »

Perfect for the aspiring ninja or make believe superhero, these will have you scaling trees in your backyard in no time. Made from pure black stainless steel. Just be careful you don't hurt yourself. Being a ninja is...

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Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction: Ninja Weapons

$12.85 from Amazon »

I guess ninja weapons have always been made out of everyday household items, it's just that the definition of an everyday household item isn't quite the same in contemporary America as it was in feudal Japan. So when...

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Shinbudo Bokken - Japanese Training Tools

$250 - $350 from Shinbudo Weapons »

Now these are kind of cool. They're bokken, traditional, usually katana-shaped training tools used in Japanese martial arts. Dennis King of Shinbudo Weapons makes all of them himself, by hand is his Corvallis shop. Corvallis...

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Ninja Flip T-Shirt

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Carrying around this secret identity won't create an awkward bulge at your waistline, or require you to wear an underlayer of skin-suctioning red and blue Spandex. Crazy Dog T-Shirts' flipover Ninja tee has the masked...

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Benchmade SOCP Dagger & Trainer

$127.50 from Amazon »

Greg Thompson developed both the Special Operations Combative Program and the SOCP Dagger system now fabricated by Benchmade. The skeletonized fixed blade is made of 440C steel with an undulating handle and end finger...

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Ninja Mug

$14.99 from ThinkGeek »

Sure a ninja mug is cool, but if you get one you're never going to be able to find it. Even if it's just sitting there, in the middle of your desk, right in front of your face. Ninja mugs are seen only when they want...