Zombie Blitz 1940 - ZDay Battle Experience

By: on August 29, 2013
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Simulate ZDay. Fight zombies. Know how Marty McFly felt when he walked down the streets of 1955. But you'll be even further back in time. You'll be in 1940, in the midst of WWII. Instead of fighting off your teenage mom's attempts to suck your face off, you'll be fighting off your teenage grandma's attempts to gnaw it off. Come on, Granny, cut it out! Get away from my brain! You bitch, if I don't find the cure and save you, I'll never be born!

As a follow-up to their hugely popular Mall Massacre Zombie Hunting Expedition, Wish.co.uk has launched Zombie Blitz 1940, a thematic enmeshment of The Blitz--Nazi Germany's strategic WWII bombing of the UK--with participants' heroic escape from the flesh-eating throes of the undead.

In 1940 The Blitz boomed across the streets of London. Some of the population took shelter in the city's tunnel system. For version Z.0, you will take shelter in those beneath Waterloo Station, right in the heart of London's Underground. But instead stowing away, safely hidden from the bombings, you'll encounter patients. Subjects of diabolical experiments...experiments that can no longer be contained.

Throughout Zombie Blitz 1940, participants will have guides steering them through London's tunnels, and leading escape efforts when an unanticipated threat emerges. Unlike the Mall Massacre, The Blitz doesn't focus on hunting down zombies, but more the visceral experience of submerging oneself in a fantastical environment set within a real historical era, putting the pieces together to figure out what is going on, and plotting to escape and survive.

Zombie Blitz 1940 experiences all take place beneath Waterloo Station in London's zone 1. Yes, that means you'll have to travel to London--or send your Double Robot--to participate in the psychological, and possibly pants-wetting, thriller.

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Zombie Head Bowling Balls

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Goth Angel Fantasy Figurines


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The Dead of Night Zombie Lamp

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Handmade Creepy Beer Mugs

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Chain Link Zombie Slayer Axe


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