Dinner in the Sky

By: on June 17, 2015

It's not quite a mile high, and the activity doesn't offer quite the same line of pleasure, but adventuresome foodies can still enjoy panoramic views and an orgasmic culinary experience dangling a hundred feet in the air during a Dinner in the Sky experience. The traveling circus of haute cuisine served in haute locations at haute heights is on a world tour, bringing celebrated chefs including Joel Robuchon and Alain Passard to cities ranging from Sydney to Rio to serve an elite few dinner strapped into a chair sitting at a table planted on a cab hanging from a 150' tall crane.

At printing Dinner in the Sky had returned to its hometown of Brussels for a June 1 to 28, 2015 gastronomic run featuring "rare dishes and fine wines." Nearly 10 years ago, a communications agency and a a firm specializing in amusement park installations brought the idea of open-air and sky-high eating to life in answer to a child's dream. (Awwwww.) Following the initial dinner's success, the concept grew and spread across the world to the tune of over 5,000 events in 45 different countries. At one point, Dinner in the Sky set up semi-permanent shop in Las Vegas, though the company's website indicates no events for 2015 thus far.

Dinner in the Sky has also expanded its services to Lounge in the Sky (same idea, more alcohol) and Marriage in the Sky (same idea, more regrets).

Safety precautions include harnessing and bungee cording guests to the hanging platform and building all Dinner in the Sky components according to the German norm DIN 4112. Hopefully that's a good norm.

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