People Pot Pies

$30 - $35 from Etsy »

What the Marie Callender's is a People Pot Pie? According to Ashley Newman, owner of Etsy shop It Came From Under My Bed, and possible evil witch from Hansel & Gretel, it is a "pie made of people." People mixed with fava...

Life-Size Human Eyeball Ring

$13.50 from Amazon »

In looking through the listing for this life-size human eyeball ring on Amazon, the first thing I noticed is that it isn't the only life-size human eyeball you can buy on Amazon. I don't know why I was surprised...

Pop It Pal Pimple Popping Simulator

$19.99 from Pop It Pal »

Long to be poppin' zits like a G6? Look no further than the Pop It Pal Pimple Popping Simulator. Even with the teen acne days behind you, and most of those juicy back zits juuust out of reach, this fleshy, pus-filled...

WTF Prank Candles

WTF does using the term "WTF" in reference to a candle mean? In a nutshell: "Mmmm, this smells incredible! Just like the apple pie my grandma used to make with the shortbread crust and the...gaaaaasssspppp!.

Mouse Taxidermy Kit

$49.69 from »

I hate to throw out a perfectly good dead mouse. It just seems like an anti-climactic payoff for the money I spend on traps and cheese. I'm glad to hear the people of London agree. According to Firebox, mouse taxidermy...

Bubonic Bunny Hoppers

$20 from Etsy »

Looks like we're gonna have a grotesque perversion of the fuzzy, frolicky, happy animals emblematic of every major holiday now. First Phillip Blackman took on Valentine's Day with his Undead Teds, and here Undead Ed tackles...

Fetid Monster Switch Plates

Sold Out from Etsy »

Mmm, switch plates that look good enough to eat! I crown artist Dogzilla Lives the Picasso of fetid monsters. Her polymer clay conglomerations of veiny eyeballs, gnarled teeth, and oozy epidermal layers make for terrifically...

Anonymously Send Sh*t

$15.95 - $19.95 from Poop Senders »

If you know a lot of assholes, you know what it's like to deal with their shit. Now, it's time to return the favor. enables the shat upon to send steaming piles of Don't get mad, get even to inconsiderate...

Bacon Flavored Lube

$11.99 from Bacon Salt »

When we, collectively as Americans, stumble onto something that catches on with the unintelligent majority, we immediately begin the process of running it into the ground. See: The Kardashians, Myspace and... bacon flavored...


$52 from Ebay »

It is not often we come across something so special and unique. Who knew today would be that day? I woke up this morning in a Chewbacco-less world. Now, today, I walk around with a new confidence in mankind. If collectively...