Mouse Taxidermy Kit

By: on April 07, 2014
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I hate to throw out a perfectly good dead mouse. It just seems like an anti-climactic payoff for the money I spend on traps and cheese. I'm glad to hear the people of London agree. According to Firebox, mouse taxidermy is the fastest growing trend across the pond. In fact, British demand to retain deceased rodents for display and companionship is so high that professional skin stuffers can't keep up. So Firebox, with its industrious finger ever on the pulse of consumer need, has created this Mouse Taxidermy Kit. Now anyone* can learn to drain, de-gut, reshape, and mount his or her favorite vermin for a fraction of the cost and from the comfort of home.

Less the mouse itself, Mouse Taxidermy Kits include all of the tools and ingredients necessary to take a critter from rigor mortis to sitting at a miniature table for miniature poker night, holding a miniature full house for eternity. In her Mouse: Taxidermy Workshop Manual, taxidermist Margot Magpie teaches traditional techniques dating back to Victorian times, and conveys them in 70 easily-followed, illustrated steps. Photographs of the author at work are also included. Note: If you cannot stomach the two-dimensional, odorless photos of the author at work, you are probably not a good candidate for learning the art of taxidermy.

From start to finish, it should take eager beavers around 4 hours to stuff a mouse. Kit contents include 65 mm of Liquacure Tanning Solution, 200 grams of Borax, surgical gloves, PVA glue, cotton wool, wool string, galvanized wire, a scalpel, glass beads, linen thread, and needle nose pliers. The kit is suitable for use on all 38 species of mouse. Again, the mouse itself is not included. However, Firebox does provide an extensive list of ethical suppliers for rodent sourcing.

*Mouse Taxidermy Kits cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18. Age verification is required at checkout.

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