WTF Prank Candles

By: on April 04, 2015
  • WTF Prank Candles
  • WTF Prank Candles

WTF does using the term "WTF" in reference to a candle mean? In a nutshell: "Mmmm, this smells incredible! Just like the apple pie my grandma used to make with the shortbread crust and the....gaaaaasssspppp!. W...T...F...is that smell?! Is that...is that...dirty farts?!" Yessir, it is. I mean, unless it's sweaty gym socks or stank breath, one of WTF Candles' other n-ass-ty scents that suddenly ass-aults your nasal p-ass-ageways.

Like many women (my She-Ra: Princess of Power excluded), WTF Candles start out sweet, and then 25% into your relationship with them, turn unbearably suffocating and rank for the remaining 75% of their burn time. Commonly called layered or switch scent candles, some companies produce these lovely and sensual gift items as a way to give yourself, a friend, or a loved one multiple delightful aromas in one. But not WTF Candles. WTF Candles stirs shit up a little, craft their candles especially for use in pranks or, even better, revenge.

Select one of 5 sweet-to-stank candles and you'll be able to have it shipped to yourself for appropriate distribution, or...or!...send it anonymously to your arch nemesis. Such as, for example, She-Ra: Princess of Power's evil ex-boyfriend. He comes from France. WTF Candles promises they won't ever reveal the source of the special delivery, though as an option, 60 days after your purchase they will send your victim a postcard that reads, "WTF was in that candle?"

They selected 60 days as the posting date because each candle should burn for about 30 hours, and 25% of the burn time emits the good-smelling stuff. Still, since when candles burn the middle sinks first (with the sides still layered with a good:stank ratio), in 3 to 4 hours the WTF should make an appearance, and by 8 to 10 hours, it's reigning supreme.

WTF Candle flavors include: Baby Powder to Dirty Baby Diaper; Apple Pie to Dirty Fart; Clean Laundry to Sweaty Gym Socks; Coffee to Stank Breath; and Fresh Forest Pine to Skunk Ass.

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