Game of Thrones Chocolate Dragon Egg

Posted: November 23, 2016
Game of Thrones Chocolate Dragon Egg

I tried one of Truffle Cottage's Game of Thrones Chocolate Dragon Eggs last night. And if by "tried" you think I mean "demolished," then you are correct, sir! I think She-Ra: Princess of Power ate a couple from the stash of chocolate-covered almonds that tumbled out when I cracked the egg open, but 90% of this nearly 1 pound of chocolate now sits in my own belly. Merrily and guilt-free. It's the day before Thanksgiving. Calories don't count again until Monday morning.

She-Ra did make me pause so she could take pics of the egg before I introduced it to my mouth, and while she's a pretty crappy photographer, I think you can see in the gallery that the milk chocolate piece of Targaryen finery I got had hand-formed and -applied scales, and both the egg and dragon inside were spray painted with a shiny red tint. The dragon, by the way, hatches along with the chocolate-covered almonds. He's a truffle.

Though these works of edible art aren't cheap, I imagine any Game of Thrones or fantasy fan would be pretty stoked to get a Milk or Dark Chocolate Dragon Egg under the tree this year. Even if the poor bastard Jon Snow is allergic to chocolate--the Truffle Cottage makes their egg in King of the North-appropriate white chocolate too.

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