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Finger Hands

$4.25 from Amazon »

Finger Hands. Horrifying. Pure. Horror. And I thought Man Hands were hilarious. How can there be such a disparity between undersized and oversized? Archie McPhee tries to make it all seem fun 'n' clever by pointing out...

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JoeyBra Pocketed Bra


If you or a lady you know is not fortunate enough to have cleavage sized for stashing cash, phones, and plastic, I recommend a boob job. Or, I suppose, a JoeyBra. JoeyBras are designed to provide hands-free storage of...

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Tricera Hi-Tops


Archaix Laboratories makes a big claim. According to the Brooklyn-based company, they have "finally found a solution to the problem that has plagued modern society: the lack of wearable dinosaurs." And appropriately...

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3D Printed Voronoi Bag

$110.92 from Shapeways »

Voronoi diagrams are a mathematical means of division. Once a set region is established the Voronoi-er plants points, or seeds, on it to divide the region into smaller regions, or Voronoi cells. Each seed has its own...

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Beetlewing Jewelry

$15 - $25 from Etsy »

Yes they're real beetle wings. From the iridescent Elytra Sternocera beetle of Thailand. Apparently beetlewing art is a traditional form of jewelry making once widely practiced throughout ancient Asia. And now widely...

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Dry Erase Rally Flip Caps

$26.10 from Rally Flip Cap »

Dry Erase Snapback Rally Flip Caps are kind of like bumper stickers for your head. Except they don't stick there permanently until you scrape them off with Avon products and razor blades. Available in 6-panel, trucker...

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Glow-in-the-Dark Batman Duct Tape

$14.97 from Amazon »

When I send a package, send the bumper that's hanging off my car back to its rightful place on my car, and send a general message that I'm just trying to kill it at life, I also like to send the Bat-Signal. In glow-in-the-dark...

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Kinematics 3D Printed Necklace

$125 from Moma Store »

If you really want to lay the romance on thick, tell your girlfriend this Kinematics smooth black necklace you're presenting her was 3D printed layer by layer using selective laser sintering. She'll be instant sex slave...

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Steampunk Flip-Top Watch Cuffs

$315 from Etsy »

Steampunk Design is not F'ing around with these watch cuffs. Custom-designed, custom-built, and hand-assembled, the flip-top timepieces are a sight to behold even if you're not a steampunk groupie. It's kind of like how...

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RattlerStrap Flint Laces

$13.95 from Amazon »

RattlerStrap previously designed their Venom paracord belt in honor of a Dude reader giveaway. Just for us. So obviously we like them. A lot. But while I have no problem being completely biased about the products I discuss...

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Business Knife - Multi-Tool Business Card

Just when I thought multi-tools had begun their demise from popular interest (along with mustaches, bacon, and zombies), Kiwi Anthony Cole comes up with the Business Knife. I wonder if constantly getting compared to and...

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Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Underwear

Naturally those responsible for the World's Tackiest Sweaters would also have a hand in underwear with launching rockets, Statue of David family jewels, octopus-skull hybrids, and What Does the Fox Say? on it. But unlike...

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PACT Threadless, Glueless Leather Cases

$35 - $400 from PACT »

Sometimes the real bells and whistles are the removal of the bells and whistles altogether. PACT's swell wallets, device cases, and satchels are a complete line of laser-cut and hand-woven, folded, and finished pieces...

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Sterling Silver Bat Skeleton Necklace

$9k from Etsy »

Flowers and diamonds are alright, but if you really want to get laid tonight you'll give her a sterling silver bat skeleton necklace. At least that's what Bruce Wayne told me. Los Angeles designer Stephanie Inagaki calls...

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Acoustically Transparent Hoodie

$142.20 from Beta Brand »

Audio engineer Nic Pope designed a hoodie for in the studio, on stage, at festivals, and while walking down the street in oversized headphones. He's calling it the Audio Engineer's Hoodie. Pope provides a rundown of special...

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Foot Hammock

$13 from Amazon »

Well, it's no recliner. And it's no foot massage. And it's no having a lady wash your feet and cut your toenails and cuticles as you sit in one of those vibrating chairs at a nail I've heard... But the...

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Cross-Body Packs

$33.97 - $35.99 from Amazon »

Is it acceptable for a straight male to wear a cross-body pack? Not on his chest like he's Alan-satcheling it for the day or Mr. Mom schlepping around his kid, but across his back? Because I have a lot of weed and Pringles...

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Lady Deadpool Cosplay Costume


Well this is a nice outfit. Even if it didn't reference the delightful Lady Deadpool, I think I would like to see my favorite barista wear it to make my morning masterpiece quadruple grande mocha with extra whipped cream...

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Jaws Skirt

$45.99 from Etsy »

Did anyone who left the theater after seeing Jaws for the first time not exit with a newly-acquired fear of sharks, and a newly-acquired need of a new pair of pants? I'm pretty sure Spielberg's decision to make a movie...

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Recon 6 Utility Watch

$275 - $375 from Recon 6 »

The Recon 6 may be the only useful thing ever to come out of watching reality TV. Tim Ralston created his utility watch following a conversation he had with friends about being stranded on a remote island. A conversation...

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Batman v Superman Ring

$250 - $300 from Custom Made »

As the DC Cinematic Universe plans to do in 2016, Matt Watkins of Earthforge combines the Batman and Superman logos in this sterling silver Batman v Superman ring. And like all items sold through online marketplace Custom...

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Ritot Projection Watch

$120 from Ritot »

August 2014 Update: Sadly, it appears that the Ritot watch is yet another crowdfunding scam. Thanks to commenter Bea Foroni for posting this article summarizing why Ritot technology isn't currently possible, and the bizarre...

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3-in-1 Amish High Chair

Sold Out from Amazon »

I guess this is what happens when you don't spend all your time watching TV and playing video games. You come up with simple, fantastic ideas like the Amish with this 3-in-1 high chair. It's just a shame they'll have...

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Laser Cut Pop Culture Necklaces

$12.95 - $26.95 from Inspiring Jewelry »

Acrylic and mirror plastic are laser cut into comic book, gaming, and TV series favorites in these swell shiny necklaces. The danglers come as both singles and Friendship doubles--2 chains holding halves of the same image...