Number Cruncher Watch

Posted: June 26, 2019
Number Cruncher Watch

The Number Cruncher watch just sits there, hunkered down on your wrist, eating away your time. He's pretty cute for a monster, though, so you might not mind if he stays.

The Mr. Jones collection Number Cruncher watch comes from artist and character designer Onorio D'Epiro. The munching beast goes about his day in perpetual hunger, holding the hours in his hand, and the minutes in his belly. For those of you who care whether it's 2:19 or 2:57, the latter has a viewing window.

The full-color, cartoonish Number Cruncher monster eats away to a black-and-white, photographic London backdrop. D'Epiro says he created the watch after previously making a collection of art pieces that mash together photos and illustrations. He says, "I really like the contrast between the fine detail of the photography and the bold colour of the drawing."

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