Burton Wheelie Sub 116L Travel Bag

Posted: June 12, 2019
Burton Wheelie Sub 116L Travel Bag
$379.95 - $399.95
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Burton's Wheelie Sub suitcase is a Big. Boy. If saying the roller bag has 116L of packing space doesn't resonate with you dudes, maybe this will: give a Burton Wheelie Sub as gift to your girlfriend and she'll never ask to "borrow" space in your luggage again.

Sike! She'll just find more shoes and purses she can't possibly take a weekend trip to the lake without. But. If you've already given her 116L of her own packable TARDIS, at least you'll have definitive grounds for laying down the hard no when "just that one exterior pocket" of your suitcase comes up.

The Burton Wheelie Sub 116L Travel Bag, which dubs itself a "walk-in closet with wheels" is also suitable for all types of travelers taking longer trips, or those who expect to bring home twice the amount of stuff they left with. You know, local crafts. Fashion finds. 58L of rum.

Some enticing Wheelie Sub bag features include:

  • 50/50 bag opening, meaning the suitcase opens like a book, with storage space across two main compartments.
  • Double Down. Bag can separate in half in case overzealous packers exceed airline weigh limits.
  • Volume-enhancing stretch CRAM zones. Burton calls this an "elastic waistband for your luggage." They're stretch zones encircling the zippers that allow for overpacking.
  • Hideaway SnakeStack external backpack attachment
  • IXION Skate Wheel System
  • Compression molded EVA/TPU back panel
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