Kingrol Brownie Pan with Built-In Slicer & Rack

Posted: December 06, 2019
Kingrol Brownie Pan with Built-In Slicer & Rack
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There are pros and cons to 2-bite brownies, which is what this Kingrol Brownie Pan with built-in slicker and rack allows you to bake in ooey, gooey 2"-square perfection. Con: 2-bite brownies are only 2 bites, which in Dude bites is 1 bite, which is just barely enough to whet my appetite and determine its deliciousness on a scale of 1 to 10. It's like, I give my wife's Triple Layer Peanut Butter Crunch Brownies an 8, and then there's nothing left to reward me for my excellent taste and judgment.

Pro: Well, except another 2-bite brownie, and maybe a couple more after that, which I won't feel guilty about going back for, because each 2-bite brownie is only one quarter of a regular brownie, right? Right? R- oh. Huh. Did I just finish the whole plate?

The Kingrol Brownie Pan is a 3-piece baker's helper that divvies your batter into 18 segments so that when they come out of the oven, they're already cut to precision, and ready to pop out with no hassle or breakage, thanks to the pan's and slicer's non-stick coating. Kingrol also includes a rack for elevating the pan's pop-out bottom during cooling and serving.

The Brownie Pan is made of heavy-weight carbon steel, and can also be used for cakes, bar cookies, pie squares, or even various casseroles.

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