Game of Thrones Sigil Cookie Cutters

By: on April 03, 2013
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Honey-spiced locusts from A Feast of Ice and Fire's Essos chapter may be a more authentic dessert to serve at your next Game of Thrones viewing party, but...ew. That sounds disgusting. Aren't locusts bugs? People from Essos are so weird. I'm sticking with sugar cookies. In the shape of Tyrion Lannister's head. Bug munching: sick. Pretend cannibalism: awesome.

House Sigil cookie cutters, plus a special addition in the shape of America's favorite mop-topped little person*, transform limp amoebas of flour, sugar, and egg into emblems of valiance, gallantry, honor, integrity, and, in the case of the Stark family, repeated short-sightedness and poor decision-making skills. In fact, I'm kind of surprised that creator Athey Moravetz chose Tyrion as the character to turn into a disembodied cookie head. If you know what I mean.

Moravetz sells the Game of Thrones collection as individual cutters in Houses Lannister, Stark, Targaryen, Baratheon, Arryn, and Tully, or as a set of 4, without the Arryn falcon and Tully silver trout. Pieces are printed on a 3D Makerbot Replicator.

*When I was trying to think of products to run for April Fool's Day my friend Esteban suggested a midget tosser. Some sort of harnessed contraption that would improve throwers' leverage and trajectory in midget tossing competitions. He said it like hurling midgets is a real thing and I was very confused. So I did what I always do when people make statements that turn my wholesome sensibilities upside down and called my mom. First she asked if I was sure the entire conversation wasn't just a joke made at my expense, kind of like that time Esteban asked me if I rode the short bus to school and I said, "No, my mom always drove me to school, except for in 6th grade when I did ride the bus, but it was normal-sized." Anyway, my mom eventually suggested I just look up midget tossing on Wikipedia, so I did and guess what: it's real. But they call it dwarf tossing. And you don't just pick up the dwarves and throw them without permission. They volunteer and put on Velcro suits and competitors fling them against Velcro walls. Maybe I'd never heard of it before because legal actions have been take to officially ban the "bar attraction" in many parts of the United States, France, and Canada.

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The Night King Mask

$669.95 from Composite Effects »

Composite Effects' Night King mask is the most recent addition to their Game of Thrones White Walker collection. Previously we saw one of the Night King's long-haired, extra-wrinkly cohorts. Both are designed to produce...

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Game of Thrones 3D Masks & Wall Mounts

$15.11 - $19.81 from Amazon »

Want to mount a White Walker trophy head to your wall? All you gotta do is kill one...and figure out how to keep it from shattering into a billion shards of ice when you do. OR! You could grab one of Wintercroft's White...

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Iron Throne Cat Bed

$198 from Etsy »

Is your cat the rightful heir to the FELIRON THRONE? A bright spot in my week of Game of Thrones withdrawal (2019? 2019?!) Kate Agafonova's Iron Throne Cat Bed invites kitties from all families - royals, wardens, lords...

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F-Cup Cookies

F-Cup Cookies sound like they would be a joke, and they probably are, but for all women with concave chesticular regions and, more importantly, for all the men who have to fondle them, I sure as 2 seconds of motorboating...

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Pumpkin Spice Spray-On Spice

$10.99 from Amazon »

I've been waiting to show you this can of Pumpkin Spice Spray-On Spice. Waiting for the season of PSL, and Pumpkin Spice everything else, to arrive. My coffee run this morning confirmed it has. Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin...

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Geeky Sex Toys (NSFW)

$25 - $199 from Etsy »

Now that Pokemon have made you Go, Geeky Sex Toys thinks it's time you catch some that will make you Come. Yep, the enterprising Australian adult shop went there, and now has a (limited edition) set of Pokemoan dildos...

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The Whisk Wiper

Sold Out from Amazon »

What is this whiskcraft I see before me? You mean worming my tongue between the wire loops and getting chocolate cake batter all over my face isn't the best way to clean off the whisk when my girlfriend is baking? Nah....

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Milk & Cookie Shot Maker

$17.45 from Amazon »

Milk & cookies. & liquid chocolate. & shots. Maybe I'll make it through this year after all. Wait, what? I have to make it all myself? With molds and melters and ingredients from the store? Come on! I thought I could...

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The Game of Thrones Collection

$40 - $110 from Black Milk Clothing »

The start of Season 4 may still be a few weeks away, but Black Milk's Game of Thrones clothing collection drops in mere hours. Houses Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, and Baratheon represent in an array of nakedness shields...

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Sword Keys

$11.99 from The Key Armory »

It's dangerous to leave the house without a key! Take this set that will also serve as your sword and shield if the gangs...of ants...attack. The Key Armory stocks up fantasy and gaming fans' keychains with iconic swords...

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Cards Against Humanity Fortune Cookies

$10 from OK Cookie Co. »

I like the fortunes that say things like, "Soon you will be sitting on top of the world," and "May you grow rich," followed by a series of lucky numbers that happen to coincide with those drawn during this week's Power...

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NerdChef Steel Pizza Stone

$69.95 - $99.95 from Amazon »

It's conductivity, baby! NerdChef makes their pizza stones out of unbreakable, bead-blasted-and-sanded-smooth steel not to match their abs, but because the material can replicate the conditions you'd typically need a...