Crispy Corner Brownie Pan

Posted: November 05, 2018
Crispy Corner Brownie Pan
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Crispy corners aren't my own main jam when it comes to brownies, but there must be enough of you out there who dig the crunch on the outside giving way to the ooo and the goo on the inside to make it worth Bakelicious' time to create a Crispy Corner Brownie Pan.

Designed as a hex-celled grid, the Crispy Corner Brownie Pan bakes 12 brownies, all with crispy edges on all 4 of their sides. Bakelicious compares that total of 48 crispy edges to the 14 total crispy edges you get baking 12 brownies in a standard baking pan. So clearly, if you're in the market for crispy brownie edges, the Crispy Corner Brownie Pan delivers.

One downside I see is that all the brownies this pan makes are connected with corner extensions that leave behind an exposed nub when you cut them. So you do end up severing some of your crispy edginess, and you also end up with brownies that are hexagonish but also kind of look like whoever baked them messed up trying to take them out of the pan.

The upside, however, is that if the baker decides s/he'll attempt to trim the nubs to make more perfect squares, there will be a small mound of brownie scraps left over for the non-baker hovering over the pan of delicious hot brownies to nom-nom-eat-'em-up at the end.

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