Gifts For Party

One good reason to have a party is to get gifts. And I'm not even talking the kind of party that celebrates a birthday or a special occasion. Any old party seems to do the trick. Have an Oscars party. A Tuesday party. An impending root canal party. Plan it and they will come. And when they come, they will bring you gifts. Gifts for hosting, gifts to help spread the merriment, and--best of all--gifts you tell them to bring. Hey, would you mind picking up a 6-pack? A couple bottles of wine? A block of cheese, a bag of chips, 4 pounds of buffalo wings? Sure you have to provide a venue and try to get rid of that lingering scent of burnt toast and b.o., but beyond that, any fill-in is fair game for the BYO and Please Contribute lines. Need some ideas for planning? Or have you found yourself on the attendee end of the shindig? Check out our assortment of Gifts for a Party to satisfy all of your gift giving...and receiving...needs.
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