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By: on July 08, 2014
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Is it cool enough to be called the Coolest? You decide. After months of anticipation (well, my 6-packs, margarita mix, and I were waiting with bated breath) the Coolest Cooler has finally launched its Kickstarter campaign. Yeah, it's cold. Throw in some ice, some brews, and some perishables and this cooler will preserve their chill and their freedom from bacteria and spoilage. But what makes the Coolest Cooler the ultimate in superlatives isn't just its 60-quart insulating capacity and dashing orangeness. The Coolest Cooler really gets the title from its:

  • Attachable 18V battery-powered rechargeable blender. For blended drinks and smoothies, the Coolest Cooler's built-in pulverizer can whir up more than 6 gallons of brain freeze juice on a single charge.
  • Removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Get some legit decibels while DJ-ing music from your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • USB charger. The 18V blender battery can also feed power to phones, camera batteries, and other gear in need. It too is waterproof.
  • LED lid light. Unbreakable. Like your will to party from high noon into the darkest hours of the night.
  • Gear tie-downs. Coolest Cooler locking tie-downs "are like having a roof-rack on your cooler so three trips can be done in one." Handy for schlepping lawn chairs, blankets, fishing tackle, or a grill.
  • Cooler divider/cutting board. The cooler's split lid design enables access to blender ice without letting a rush of warm air into the canned/bottled beverage side of things. Also precludes the need to remove cups from their holders before opening the Coolest for a replacement beer.
  • Extra wide easy rolling tires. Double wide. Like my still-growing love for the Inspector Gadget of coolers.
  • Integrated storage for plates and knife. Stash up to 6 reusable plastic plates, which also double as a cutting board for the included ceramic paring knife.
  • Bottle opener. Let's see Drunk Cornelius try to walk off with this one.

The Coolest Cooler runs as a Kickstarter campaign through August 29, 2014. In my humble, yet incredibly important opinion, there is less than a 5% chance it won't get funded.

September 2014 Update: My above 5% comment could be the understatement of the year. The Coolest Cooler not only reached its $50,000 crowdfunding goal, but surpassed it by a factor of...266. At $13,285,226 in backer pledges, it now holds the record for most funded Kickstarter campaign of all time.

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Sobro Cooler Coffee Table

$899 - $1,499 from indiegogo »

From Coolest Cooler to cooler coffee table. And like its portable predecessor, Sobro has plenty of gadgety bells (dual speakers on the sides) and whistles (tabletop touch controls for all built-in systems) to complement...

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Igloo Trailmate All-Terrain Cooler

$199.99 from Amazon »

When you're done tearing through trails and drinking up the adrenaline rush, and are ready to chill out at the beach and drink up a cold beer, trade in the ATV for the ATC: Igloo's Trailmate all-terrain cooler. The 70-quart...

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STCKBLS Stackable & Expandable BBQ Grill System

$325 - $399 from STCKBLS »

The guys who created STCKBLS could be equal parts foodie and roadie. Their new stackable, modular BBQ grill system looks like a tower of amps coming in, and cooks like a gas grill turned up to eleven...no, twelve thousand...

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Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler

$67 - $117 from Biersafe »

The Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler is a smaller, simpler, and much cheaper version of a design I first saw in the eCool cooler. The Biersafe removes some of the nifty engineering of the eCool - like, instead of using...

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eCool 3 Feet Under Cooler

$349 from eCool »

All this cooler needs to keep beer cold is a shovel and 3 feet of ground. So, yeah. Throw one eCool in the bug out bag, Mama! Buried in the earth (and optionally also through a cut-out in wood decking or a concrete patio)...

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Igloo Party Bar Cooler with LiddUp Lighting

$154.37 from Amazon »

The Igloo Party Bar Cooler keeps the party lit up all night long courtesy of LiddUp technology. About 4 years ago, startup LiddUp sought crowdfunding for its own illuminated cooler. The campaign didn't quite hit its goal...

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The SunDen Smart Rig & Cooler

$100 - $299 from SunDen »

Your wingman for summer has arrived. Well...its crowdfunding campaign has anyway. Like the Coolest Cooler before it, the SunDen hit Kickstarter this week seeking to consolidate and elevate, optimize and smartify all facets...

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Keter Cool Bar - Outdoor Table & Cooler

$82.50 from Amazon »

I don't have a lot of space for outdoor furniture, so I like the double duty Keter's Cool Bar has agreed to pull for me. Part side table, part - surprise! - cooler, and it doesn't even look big and clunky, or like an...

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Umoro One Shaker Bottle

$25 from Umoro »

As a supplement fiend--I especially like the ones whose claims have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA--I gotta recognize the Umoro One first for concept alone. A sport bottle whose lid doubles as a powder and...

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Spin Chill 60-Second Beer Chiller

Sold Out from Amazon »

A can of warm beer, a cooler filled with ice, and a Spin Chill. Put them together and you'll be 60 seconds away from an Ice. Cold. Party. Prefer bottles of beer? Bottles of wine? Teetotaling with the orange sodie? Spin...

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Coleman PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler

$79.28 from Amazon »

The Coleman PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler replaces the mess, heft, and fleeting nature of ice with a simple, trusty, always-at-the-ready power cord to kep 40 quarts of your favorite drinks and snacks up to 40 degrees...

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Rolling Cooler with Fold-Out Table & Chairs

$75.80 from Amazon »

So I've hung out with this lady I met on the Internet 3 times now. Like, the same lady all 3 times. She has her own condo and speaks French and can cook pork chops as good as my mama. And now that it's time for date #4...