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The Ballistic Backpack

Look at all that Ballistic Backpack webbing. Think of all the ink pens and pen lights and bottle openers and nail clippers and strips of crispy bacon you could stick in there. It's like...it's like...a pocket protector...

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The Beer Spike - Advanced Beer Drinker's Tool

$26.99 - $49.99 from Raging Mammoth »

Shotgunning a beer? Don't dull your pocket knife, dude, impale that can and strip it open with a Beer Spike. Presented as a tool for the "beer connoisseur" (is that a euphemism for "big boozer?") the 4-in-1 Beer Spike...

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tinyTesla Musical Tesla Coil Kit

$197 from oneTesla »

And now it's in me / always with me / tinyTesla in my hand... Master the tinyTesla Musical Tesla Coil Kit, and you'll make yourself a summer science project, a light show, and an Elton-John-MIDI-slaying machine all in...

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SunFounder Raspberry Pi Robot Kits

$109.99 - $149.99 from SunFounder »

The PiCar-V, a robotic car you can DIY around a Raspberry Pi 3 board, is just one of the many SunFounder kits available to the makers and doers and tech-curious out there. Like all SunFounder issues, the PiCar-V is open...

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KOAR Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset

$76.99 from KOAR »

While it sounds like a calibrated method of torture, bone conduction is actually a natural human feature. When we hear sounds, they reach us by traveling through both our eardrums and our bones. These bone phones...as...

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The Rocket Keychain Grinder

$29.99 from Apollo »

3-2-1...grind off! This Rocket will make some mighty fine smoke, grinding herbs between its precision-engineered teeth, heating them in its compact chamber, and funneling the gaseous matter out through its one-hitter...

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Chamber Pipes

$29.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

Hmmmm, looks like these Chamber Pipes took a hit from the Twisty's blunt of "screwy" herbal refreshment. And by that I mean Twisty's all like, Maaaaam! Chamber Pipes are copying me! To which, like all good moms, I reply...

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Clemens Habicht's Colour Puzzles

Some people like a challenge, but not me! So one look at Clemens Habicht's Colour Puzzles and all that comes to mind is, Haha! I feel sorry for the poor bastard who sits down next to a window with that gift from hell!...

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Bushwick Kitchen Honeys & Sauces

$27.99 - $31.99 from Bushwick Kitchen »

Since debuting with Bees Knees Spicy Honey a few years ago, Bushwick Kitchen has expanded their line of sweet heat, sweet sweet, and heat heat sauces to include maple syrup and sriracha. They're meant for drizzling onto...

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Real Action Crossbow Set

$27.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

Armed only with suction cup arrows, I'm not sure how much real action I'd get using the Real Action Crossbow Set. Could be fun to shoot at the fridge. Or She-Ra: Princess of Power's butt cheeks. But the suction cups wouldn't...

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Foldable Rocket Drone

$129.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

Retractable makes it packable. This Rocket Drone with foldable arms goes from flying quadcopter to compact cylinder faster than a couple of kids flailing and fighting in the backseat go straight-backed, arms at sides...

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FiberFix Repair Wrap: 3-Roll Bundle

$12.99 from FiberFix »

FiberFix isn't made out of steel, but with a claimed 100 times the holding power of duct tape, this wraparound adhesive is just about as strong. Post-application, it hardens like steel too. In about 10 minutes. You need...

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Bundeze Band-it Multi-Tool Wallet

$19.99 from Bundeze »

The Bundeze Band-it will help you screw it in, tighten it up, buy a 6-pack, and then pop them open to celebrate your manliness. Not only does the cut-out aluminum plate wrapped with bungees look cool, it also serves as...

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KlikR Universal Remote Control

$19.99 from Klikr »

It's long been possible to be too lazy to get up to turn on the TV and change channels, but thanks to KlikR it's now possible to be too lazy to dig the remote out of the couch cushions too! KlikR is a little Bluetooth...

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8x Dual Focus Monocular Lens

Zoom in on the discount. This dual focus monocular lens is on sale for $7.99 for a limited time. Use it to gain an 8x magnified view on the golf course, summer hikes and travels, and bird and neighbor watching....

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Digital Classic Vape Pipe

$79 from RAWtronics »

Oh boy, hipsters. This Digital Classic Vape Pipe from RAWtronics picks up right where the Holmes Pipe left off. Only this Sherlock-shaped vaporizer is more than a concept - it's all produced and packaged and ready for...

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Trakk High Tech Backpacks

$79.99 - $89.99 from TRAKK »

TRAKK Tech's ARMOR and SHELL backpacks give Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles die-hards a more subtle way to dress like their favorite sewer-dwelling martial artist. The lightweight, breathable, weatherproof packs even have...

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ResQBattery Micro-USB Disposable Phone Battery

$16.99 from ResQBattery »

The ResQBattery is FCC- and CE-approved, but something about the words "disposable phone battery" will probably make the composting farmer's market crowd cringe. The rest of you, however, can feel the giddy relief of...

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LuminAid PackLite Inflatable & USB Lanterns

$19.99 - $34.99 from LuminAID Lab »

LuminAID PackLites continue the tradition the solar-powered, inflatable lanterns established nearly 5 years ago when the original LuminAID lights debuted: lightweight and flat to pack; high efficiency and eco-friendly;...

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Bragi Dash Truly Wireless Smart Earphones

$192 from Bragi »

Bragi's Dash is a pair of wireless in-ear headphones. It's also a self-contained, thousand-song-strong MP3 player. And a Bluetooth headset. A microphone. A heart rate monitor, fitness tracker, sports watch. It has the...

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BOS Mugshots Moscow Mule Shot Glasses

$29.99 from BOS Drinkware »

Give Moscow Mules a shot this summer. No vodka, ginger beer, or lime required with the BOS Mugshots, a set of 4 Moscow Mule mugs shrunken to the size of shot glasses. Use them to throw back your tequila and whiskey, or...

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Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun

$34.99 from Elastic Precision »

If we are going to defeat the enemy, we must band together! Soldiers, load your rubber! Is it emasculating to turn an M1911, a pistol some may call "The World's Most Respected Handgun" into a wooden version that fires...

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Kasa Low Energy Bluetooth Smart Bulbs

$49.99 from Kasa »

Mi Kasa es su Kasa. At least in the sense that this 2-pack of LED low energy Bluetooth light bulbs is up for grabs at 44% off through the Dude Exclusives online store....

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COGZ Steampunk Board Game

$33.99 from COGZ »

The first thing I read about the COGZ board game is that it's Mensa-endorsed. So I'm out. As much as I like the game's steampunk era setting and mad scientist with a busted "chromatic cogtraption" premise, I can hardly...

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EZ Pipes

$20 - $27.99 from EZ Pipe »

EZ Pipe all-in-one smoking machines are the EZ-est to carry and use. Even their name is EZ to write. I don't even have to remember how to spell "eazy!"...

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$59.99 from MOTA »

The JETJAT ULTRA nano drone zips and dips around the room like a jazz artist scat singing through a song. "JETJAT" even sounds like one of the nonsense words they might bust out to riff off of. According to its makers...

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HideMyAss! VPN

$54.99 from AVG »

Hide my ass! Once a command used almost exclusively by people changing clothes or getting ogled by a creep, the prying eyes and restrictive servers of the internet have given it a whole new meaning, and value to those...

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LithiumCard Pro Retro Series Lightning Chargers

$39.99 from LinearFlux »

The LithiumCard wallet-sized lightning charger has gotten a facelift. It looks at least 30 years younger. Just like it did in the 80s. Or how it would have looked in the 80s if portable batteries for Apple smartphones...

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Instant Snap-On Smart Wall Outlets

$16.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

Snap on your 3-prong outlets and get a bonus couple of USB ports with this instant smart socket add-on. You won't need to replace or rewire your existing electrical outlets, as long as they're the standard double or square...

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Quicksand Sand-Wicking, Waterproof Beach Mat

$49.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

The Quicksand Mat isn't for sucking you (or the guy playing showtunes on a portable speaker without headphones) in, it's for sucking in all the sand that tries to infiltrate the square of beach you showed up at 7:49 a.m....

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POLAR Modular Magnet Pen 2.0

$34.99 from Polar Pen »

The first POLAR modular magnetic pen debuted 3-1/2 years ago, long before the fidget toy craze rolled, spun, and fiddled its way into our lives. So when POLAR released the 2.0 version of its pen and stylus last fall...

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Panasonic Arc3 Men's Cordless Electric Razor

$109.99 from Panasonic »

Does Dad need a new electric razor? Do you need a gift for Dad? If you're feeling generous this Father's Day, Panasonic is offering a generous 15% off their Arc3, a cordless electric razor for men, and especially for...

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Endoscopic Android Camera

$17.50 from DudeIWantThat.com »

You don't have to stick an endoscopic camera down your throat, or up your...nostril to make good use of the magnifying viewer for tiny or inaccessible areas. This meter-long endoscope attaches to your Android or PC to...

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LighterBro Stealth

$10.99 from LighterBro »

Not many multi-tools have built-in lighters, so I guess LighterBro figured they'd build a multi-tool around one. The LighterBro Stealth is a jet black lighter sleeve made of Japanese 420 stainless steel, and outfitted...

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Goliath Titanium 5-Piece Herb Grinder

$10.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

Goliath Industry has 49 diamond-shaped, diamond-hard teeth for you. Their 5-piece grinder is a premium herbal pastime accessory that can gnaw any herb into a smooth blend free of twigs and seeds....

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Nanodots Gyro Duo Desk Toy

$39.95 from Nanomagnetics »

A pair of orbs, each implanted with a further pair of gimbal-mounted rare earth magnets, forms the basis for Nanodots' Gyro Duo Desk Toy. The transparent orb shells provide a full view of the internal magnets responding...

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PowerShell Folding Work Light

$59.99 from Viatek »

This PowerShell folding work light would be way better if it were rechargeable so I could take advantage of its portability and high-powered LEDs when I get a flat tire after dark, or my tent collapses in the middle of...

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The Guzzle Buddy

$19.99 from Guzzle Buddy »

Straight outta Cougar Town goes straight down your hatch with the Guzzle Buddy. Yep, the idea of a wine glass deposited directly into a wine bottle for a "continuous pour" debuted on the sitcom in 2014, and since no one...

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SainSmart DIY Arduino Robot Car

$77.99 from SainSmart »

Robotics is a fun hobby...if you know how to do robotics. For those of us who don't, SainSmart's 4WD Arduino Robot Car is an approachable introduction to the field, and could be your gateway drug to total robotics addiction....

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Striker Spy HD-Camera Drone

$59.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

Your ticket to the open skies, or at least a bird's eye view of them, is going for 64% off for a limited time thanks to this Dude Exclusives deal on the Striker Spy Drone. The flying RC copter is encased in a st

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Full Face Snorkel Mask

No pressure and no shots of salt water down the hatch. Tribord introduced full-face snorkel masks about 3 years ago, and if the number of copies--like this one--now in production are any indication, snorkelers approve....

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Nanodots 216 Sets

$34.99 - $39.99 from Nanomagnetics »

You have to be at least 18 years old to buy Nanodots. Because they're as dangerous in the hands of children as tobacco products. And porn. Precision-milled from sintered neodynium-iron-boron, each teeny tiny Nanodot is...

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Odious Blocks Adult Party Game

$19.99 from Odious »

At first I was stoked about Odious Blocks because I figured they were a Jenga tower game of or relating to Odie. Then, for once, I thought to fact check myself and discovered that "odious" is not an adjective for Jon...

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Zoomable 60X Monocular & Smartphone Attachment

$37.99 from Sky Innovations »

Time for a family photo! Taken this year from 1/4 mile away with a Zoomable 60X Monocular and smartphone attachment! Hook the one-eyed magnifier up to your phone and take its zoom function to DSLR levels for capturing...

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MEEM Phone Charger & Automatic Backup Cable

$44.99 - $59.99 from MEEM »

Crying Northwestern Kid from March Madness says, "What do you MEEM I just lost all 78 selfies I took last night?!" Sorry, dude, you gotta back that vanity up. Especially if you're gonna douse your phone in tears. Electronics...

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Know Your Stars Mini UNIQCUBE

$85 from UNIQCUBE »

Learn your stars in 7.9" cubed. The Mini UNIQCUBE lights up constellation maps in full, brilliant color on 5 of its surfaces, and provides both the physical and intellectual illumination of their stars' English and Latin...

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Stag Folding Knife

A fine addition to your pocket, or a very generous groomsman's gift, the Stag Folder from BucknBear carries as a true gentlemen's knife. Its Damascus-style blade is made from VG10 Core Damascus, and extends a pretty 2.29"...

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Mystery Geek & Gamer Loot Crates

$20 from Loot Crate »

Loot Crate hails itself the first-ever subscription service for the Double Gs. Available in 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month blocks, Loot Crates ship out once every 30 days. Each crate carries a different overall theme and...