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EcoQube C Aquarium

The EcoQubeC Aquarium is for all the kiddies, girlfriends, and mamas on your gift list this year who are responsible...ish. The desktop Betta fish tank does accommodate a single live fish, which will need to be fed and...

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Dino Pet Bioluminescent Night Light

$49.90 from Biopop »

If you're getting a Dino Pet as a gift for your kid, tell them it's a dinosaur crossed with a firefly. If you're getting one as a gift for a geek, tell them it's a unicellular marine algae crossed with the biological...

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Tekto Gear Fixed Blade Knives

$39.99 from Tekto Gear »

Tekto Gear's fixed blade knives join their Tactical Slingshots in the company's quest to fully pimp out your outdoor gear bag. The Tsume, Tekina, and Korudo blades are all lightweight and made of stainless steel. All...

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Jamstick Wireless Smart Guitar

$279.99 from Zivix »

The Jamstik+ is a portable digital guitar that...someone appears to have confused for a zombie and hacked up into little pieces. But while the part of the instrument Zivix would now like to sell you is missing its body...

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Darts Connect Online Dartboard

$129 from Darts Connect »

Darts Connect caught my attention because it's not often that I think someone besides me has a really good idea*. Darts masters who don't have time, or the inclination to battle the weather, to hit the bar, plus those...

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Morphine Lips Lip Balm

$24.99 from Morphine Lips »

Mmmm, Morphine Lips. That sounds sexy. ... When I've just had 4 impacted wisdom teeth pulled. I don't know, dude. If we're talking about a lip balm that's supposed to make me want to kiss a lady because it promises to...

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Brik LEGO-Compatible Wall Tiles

$49.99 from Brik »

Even though it's a young'un doing the Brik Wall Tile demo in the LEGO-compatible adhesive bases' marketing materials, don't feel like you can't get a set for yourself. LEGO is a classic. It's ageless. It transcends the...

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Vortix Eye Massager

$129.99 from Vortix »

Know what, besides the life-size Exorcist Regan doll, I can't unsee? The 10 hours I spent watching Vikings Season 4 on a plane back from Frankfurt last week. Mine eyes, they are strained and sore. Vortix says it can help....

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Lovely - The Smart Wearable Toy for Couples (NSFW)

$109 from Lovely »

Want to see the fruits of Lovely's labor? Check out the wearable couples' sex toy's outstanding video. Starring: a banana; a peach; a cantaloupe; an orange; and an eggplant. Their performances are stellar. Riveting. Penetrating....

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Pocket Samurai Titanium Keychain Knife

$29.99 from StatGear »

StatGear knows we can't all be samurais, but we can all carry a pocket knife. And if they shape their Tanto blades like katanas, put some Japanese characters on them, and call them Pocket Samurais, maybe sliding the titanium...

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Collective Carry EDC Pens

$32.99 - $37.99 from Collective Carry »

Collective Carry Pens look like they should have "Made in Gotham City" stamped on them. Rugged and industrial in appearance, I wouldn't be surprised if twisting open the A/1 Combat or clicking down the ink barrel in a...

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Tekto Gear Tactical Slingshots

$49.99 - $99.99 from Tekto Gear »

Tekto Gear goes tactical with the ping! in their 4-strong series of slingshots. Choose one or more of the following handheld shooters and get over 40% off retail value for a limited time:...

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EcoQube Air Desktop Greenhouse

$199 - $299 from Aqua Design Innovations »

The EcoQube Air, a self-contained greenhouse sized for your desktop, comes from the same cultivators who brought us the aquaponic EcoQubeC Aquarium. The Air trades in the symbiosis between a Betta fish and its water-cleansing...

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Nix Mini Color Sensor

Nix the guesswork, nix the confusion, and nix the redos with the Nix Mini, a color sensor that scans any hued surface, saves the data to your phone or tablet, and matches it to an existing color library of over 28,000...

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Uncommon Carry Mini Cannons

$59.99 - $99.99 from Uncommon Carry »

Fire in the hole! These mini cannons from Uncommon Carry come in styles Covert (the one that looks like a lil' chub) and Combat (the one that doesn't look like a lil' chub). Both use a 2mm or smaller fuse to fire equally...

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Alpine Division North Fork Duffel Bag

Alpine Division's North Fork bags are classic duffels primed for travel. A 45L volume makes the North Fork small enough to stuff in an overhead bin on the plane, but still TARDIS enough on the inside to accommodate a...

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Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun

$34.99 from Elastic Precision »

If we are going to defeat the enemy, we must band together! Soldiers, load your rubber! Is it emasculating to turn an M1911, a pistol some may call "The World's Most Respected Handgun" into a wooden version that fires...

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ModernDek Notepad Lamps

$60 from ModernDek »

Since people won't use anything without a keyboard or touchscreen to take notes anymore, ModernDek decided to upcycle all the cast aside notepads out there into accent lamps you can give as a gift to your mom who still...

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Holiday Laser LED Firefly Lights

$41.99 - $86.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

Oh the trouble Clark Griswold could have saved himself if only he'd gone on Christmas vacation in the 2010s. Nowadays one little staked Firefly box fitted with one pint-sized disco ball connected to one tiny projector...

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Uncommon Carry Mini Toothpick Crossbows

$27.99 - $47.99 from Uncommon Carry »

Uncommon Carry's toothpick crossbows take picking your teeth to whole new, exciting, and interactive (!) levels. Or, more likely, serve as the foundations for your next cubicle warfare battle, and the keys to knocking...

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Mighty On-The-Go Spotify Music Player

$85.99 from Mighty »

The Mighty music player will pump your Spotify playlists on the run. Really, when you're running. Also when you're on the bike. On the yoga mat. On the slopes. On the trail. On the bench press. Anywhere you want to stream...

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Aura Glass Non-Spill Drinking Glasses

$48.99 from Aura Glass »

Since most of us spin and swish our glasses of wine and whiskey to aerate them anyway, Aura Glass has come up with a (mighty fine looking, I must say) way to do it without sloshing the wine and whiskey all over the table....

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Phoozy Heat- & Cold-Blocking Phone Thermal Capsule

$29.99 from Phoozy »

Phoozy thermal capsules protect smartphones from physically destructive temperature swings, similar to how Silent Pocket privacy cases protect them from personally destructive cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, RFID, and...

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World Travel Tracker Scratch Off Maps

$23.99 - $34.99 from Landmass Goods »

A Scratch Off Map. What a fun way to track your world travels, or clever gift for your favorite ostentatious globetrotter with a mild gambling compulsion! The World Travel Tracker Maps from Landmass Goods give you 4 different...

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Treblab XR500 Wireless Sports Earbuds

$36.99 from Treblab »

Treblab's XR500s are wireless (albeit not "truly wireless") sport earbuds. They have earhooks to prevent them from falling out, and are designed to be sweat-resistant. Hopefully heavy sweat-resistant too, given their...

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Star Wars 3D MegaLamps

$49.99 from MegaLamps »

Come to the Dark Side, we have...light! 3D LED MegaLamps of light! But the Light Side counters. We have 3D LED MegaLamps of light too! Join us, dude!...

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3-in-1 USB-C, Lightning & MicroUSB Cables

$9.99 - $21.99 from RAWtronics »

Mr. Oliver Owl, of Tootsie Roll Pop fame, is here to tell us how many charging cables it takes to have all of your phones, tablets, and type C devices covered. Here he goes: Ooone. Twoooo. Thrrrrreee! ... Three....

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Bio Bidet Luxury Bidet Systems

$29.99 - $269.99 from Bio Bidet »

These nether region-cleaning bidets are either discontinued models or way overpriced to begin with, because they're selling at deep, deep discounts. But if trying out a bidet at home has ever piqued your interest, one...

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Build-On Brick Mug

$19.99 from Build-On Brick Mug »

Hey, le'go my mug, Steve from IT! No really, here's a few more bricks. Built it up, bro. The strategically named (or perhaps renamed) Build-On Brick Mug has a 12-ounce food-grade interior, and an outer surface covered...

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Bike Sack Light

$12.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

I've seen these Bike Sack Lights in red before, but this one here comes in a much more fitting blue. The idea is the same, though: make yourself visible to cars and others sharing the road. Be safe on your bicycle. Protect...

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UrbanPro Ultra-Light Tech Backpack

$79.99 from Schatzii »

OK, the UrbanPro Tech Backpack looks a little like a compartmentalized Hefty garbage bag (which is actually great news if wearing a garbage bag is your style). But think about a Hefty garbage bag for a second, about its...

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1HYDRO Series Filtration Bottle

$29.99 from 1TAC »

The LifeStraw started the tubular water filtration trend over 5 years ago, and here 1TAC adds its own twist...off cap and 650mL water bottle to the ranks. Rather than drinking straight from the 1HYDRO's filtration straw...

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Twisty Glass Blunt

$44.99 from 7pipe »

The first time I saw 7pipe's Twisty Glass Blunt was in a video with a shot of a lady taking a hit off one and then blowing out birthday candles. Good stuff in, bad stuff out, and now we eat cake!...

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Rocketbook Microwaveable Smart Notebooks

$22.99 - $29.99 from Rocketbook »

Sorry, Ms. Dunkelburg, my brother microwaved my homework. Rocketbook's Wave series of smart notebooks redefine students' excuses for missed assignments. If you write your essay on the pages of a Wave, your brother really...

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Star Wars 3D DIY Metal Sculptures

I know it's early, but these Star Wars 3D DIY Metal Sculptures have "stocking stuffer" written all over them. The iconic characters and Rebel / Empire ship models are sculptures waiting to happen too, so they arrive packed...

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HD Waterproof Wireless Endoscopic Camera

$41.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

That's a smart dude there, using an endoscopic camera to get an HD look at a cut lemon. I just held the one I wanted to zoom in on real close to my eye and...you probably know what happened then....

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SaberLight Flameless Plasma Beam Lighter

$29.99 from SaberLight »

Now that plasma beam, or Tesla coil lighters, are no longer new and thrilling, SaberLight has a different approach to selling you on these rechargeable flameless lighters: a big, fat sale. Get a pair of SaberLight's original...

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HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display

$49.95 from HUDWAY Glass »

The HUDWAY Glass is a window to your soul. OK, slight exaggeration. The HUDWAY Glass is a window to a very tiny part of your soul: your favorite head-up display (HUD) mobile app. This projection device pairs with your...

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Charging Messenger Bags

$49.99 from 1 Voice »

1 Voice bags provide a messenger service you don't have to worry about serving you divorce papers or subpoenas. A happy messenger service! A powerful, 10,000mAh messenger service....

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Ostrich Pillow Light

Order of Business the First: Get an Ostrich Pillow Light. Order of Business the Second: Steal that dude's blue plaid shirt and sweet ass mustache. Order of Business the Third: Crown self King of both Cool and Chill. Order...

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Pavlok - Habit-Breaking Shocking Wristband

$134.99 from Pavlok »

Pavlok seems to think if it's good enough for training the dog, it's good enough for training you. And most people who were spanked as kids or repeatedly got hit in the face playing dodgeball would probably agree that...

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Speakeasy Briefs & Flask

$29.95 from Speakeasy Briefs »

Is that a hard metal canister in your pants, or are you just...um...a cyborg? This tag team of Speakeasy Briefs and branded flask comes to your crotchal region in the names of comfort, durability, covert liquor consumption...

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The Happy Sit Kit

$16.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

No, I didn't make a typo. It's called "The Happy Sit Kit," not "The Happy Shit Kit," but, yes, I agree. It should definitely be called "The Happy Shit Kit." At least if this travel case of toiletries indeed does what...

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Pulse III Guybrator (NSFW)

$109 - $149 from Hot Octopuss »

Hot Octopuss gives their trademarked "guybrator" a v.3 upgrade with the Pulse III Solo and Duo. I explored the ricockculous delights of the Pulse II here. This new edition aims (and squeezes and slides) to intensify your...

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Off Grid Survival Axe Elite

$64.99 from Off Grid Tools »

Off Grid Tools' Survival Axe Elite is a more compact and finely-tuned version of the company's original multi-tool, the Trucker's Friend. (It's also an updated version of itself, formerly called the Lil' Trucker.) The...

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HuMn Mini Wallet

$29.99 from HuMn »

The HuMn Mini is like a little s'mores wallet. Except black. And inedible. Just slightly larger than the average credit card, HuMn epitomizes minimalist design without sacrificing durability and security. The wallet uses...

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28-Port MondoHub

$54.99 from Manhattan »

Jay Leno collects cars, Angelina Jolie collects knives, and you collect...USB cables. So. Many. USB Cables. Well, say thanks to MondoHub because now you have somewhere to plug them in. All at once. Side by side. The high-capacity...

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Goliath Titanium 5-Piece Herb Grinder

$10.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

Goliath Industry has 49 diamond-shaped, diamond-hard teeth for you. Their 5-piece grinder is a premium herbal pastime accessory that can gnaw any herb into a smooth blend free of twigs and seeds....