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LighterBro Stealth

$10.99 from LighterBro »

Not many multi-tools have built-in lighters, so I guess LighterBro figured they'd build a multi-tool around one. The LighterBro Stealth is a jet black lighter sleeve made of Japanese 420 stainless steel, and outfitted...

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Goliath Titanium 5-Piece Herb Grinder

$10.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

Goliath Industry has 49 diamond-shaped, diamond-hard teeth for you. Their 5-piece grinder is a premium herbal pastime accessory that can gnaw any herb into a smooth blend free of twigs and seeds....

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Nanodots Gyro Duo Desk Toy

$39.95 from Nanomagnetics »

A pair of orbs, each implanted with a further pair of gimbal-mounted rare earth magnets, forms the basis for Nanodots' Gyro Duo Desk Toy. The transparent orb shells provide a full view of the internal magnets responding...

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PowerShell Folding Work Light

$59.99 from Viatek »

This PowerShell folding work light would be way better if it were rechargeable so I could take advantage of its portability and high-powered LEDs when I get a flat tire after dark, or my tent collapses in the middle of...

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The Guzzle Buddy

$19.99 from Guzzle Buddy »

Straight outta Cougar Town goes straight down your hatch with the Guzzle Buddy. Yep, the idea of a wine glass deposited directly into a wine bottle for a "continuous pour" debuted on the sitcom in 2014, and since no one...

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SainSmart DIY Arduino Robot Car

$77.99 from SainSmart »

Robotics is a fun hobby...if you know how to do robotics. For those of us who don't, SainSmart's 4WD Arduino Robot Car is an approachable introduction to the field, and could be your gateway drug to total robotics addiction....

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Striker Spy HD-Camera Drone

$59.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

Your ticket to the open skies, or at least a bird's eye view of them, is going for 64% off for a limited time thanks to this Dude Exclusives deal on the Striker Spy Drone. The flying RC copter is encased in a st

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Full Face Snorkel Mask

No pressure and no shots of salt water down the hatch. Tribord introduced full-face snorkel masks about 3 years ago, and if the number of copies--like this one--now in production are any indication, snorkelers approve....

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Nanodots 216 Sets

$34.99 - $39.99 from Nanomagnetics »

You have to be at least 18 years old to buy Nanodots. Because they're as dangerous in the hands of children as tobacco products. And porn. Precision-milled from sintered neodynium-iron-boron, each teeny tiny Nanodot is...

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Odious Blocks Adult Party Game

$19.99 from Odious »

At first I was stoked about Odious Blocks because I figured they were a Jenga tower game of or relating to Odie. Then, for once, I thought to fact check myself and discovered that "odious" is not an adjective for Jon...

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Zoomable 60X Monocular & Smartphone Attachment

$37.99 from Sky Innovations »

Time for a family photo! Taken this year from 1/4 mile away with a Zoomable 60X Monocular and smartphone attachment! Hook the one-eyed magnifier up to your phone and take its zoom function to DSLR levels for capturing...

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MEEM Phone Charger & Automatic Backup Cable

$44.99 - $59.99 from MEEM »

Crying Northwestern Kid from March Madness says, "What do you MEEM I just lost all 78 selfies I took last night?!" Sorry, dude, you gotta back that vanity up. Especially if you're gonna douse your phone in tears. Electronics...

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Know Your Stars Mini UNIQCUBE

$85 from UNIQCUBE »

Learn your stars in 7.9" cubed. The Mini UNIQCUBE lights up constellation maps in full, brilliant color on 5 of its surfaces, and provides both the physical and intellectual illumination of their stars' English and Latin...

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Stag Folding Knife

A fine addition to your pocket, or a very generous groomsman's gift, the Stag Folder from BucknBear carries as a true gentlemen's knife. Its Damascus-style blade is made from VG10 Core Damascus, and extends a pretty 2.29"...

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Mystery Geek & Gamer Loot Crates

$20 from Loot Crate »

Loot Crate hails itself the first-ever subscription service for the Double Gs. Available in 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month blocks, Loot Crates ship out once every 30 days. Each crate carries a different overall theme and...

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Pinpoint X-Spring Precision Stylus & Pen

$14.95 from The Joy Factory »

X marks the stylus, and ink marks the spot. The Joy Factory's dual surface X-Spring Precision Stylus & Pen lets you waX poetic (or spew bullshit) from both ends. On the X side, a precision stylus writes and scrawls over...

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KZ Gear Floating Sunglasses

$39 - $39.99 from KZ Gear »

KZ Gear Sunglasses are the kind of floaters you'll be thankful for in the water. The TAC polarized sunglasses provide your typical 100% UV protection, plus have a polymethylpentene (TPX) frame construction that reduces...

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CRKT Knives

$14.99 - $37.99 from CRKT »

Who wants to cut this hunk of hair caked with marshmallow creme, canned chili & vomit off my head? ... ... [CRKTs, CRKTs.]...

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Basslet Wearable Subwoofer

$179 from Lofelt »

The Basslet--conceived, I'll bet, when one of the creators at Lofelt had a 2-year-old kid who kept wanting him to look at her "bacelet"--is a wearable for those who crave to feel the beat of the rhythm of the night. It...

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Twisty Glass Blunt

$44.99 from 7pipe »

The first time I saw 7pipe's Twisty Glass Blunt was in a video with a shot of a lady taking a hit off one and then blowing out birthday candles. Good stuff in, bad stuff out, and now we eat cake!...

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Maglev Floating Globe

$39.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

They say you should keep the Maglev world away from USB keys, media players, and computers. I'd say the same goes for many, many...many people in the real world. In the Maglev's case, the desktop-display-ready globe achieves...

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Detu Twin 360-Degree Camera

$209 from Detu »

Real-time stream your first time skydiving straight into your mama's VR headset with the Detu Twin, a 3K, 360-degree camera small enough for your pocket, and crafty enough to broadcast directly to the web in a single...

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DeWalt Hammer Drill & Impact Driver Kit

$279.99 from DeWalt »

Who needs a hole DeWalt drilled? A screw DeWalt tightened? A...whoa, you need 60' of piping DeWalt anchored to your basement ceiling? That's gonna take hours. Better hire someone for that, ma'am....

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Levitating Bluetooth Orb Speaker

$105.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

This isn't the droid you're looking for. But it is a speaker that sort of looks like the droid you might be looking for. Set the Levitating Bluetooth Orb Speaker on its magnetic platform and connect it to the right...

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Dino Bioluminescent Plankton Sphere

$49.95 from Biopop »

If you're too mature to display BioPop's Dino Pet on your desk...or just frustrated that your kids keep stealing it...here's a more sophisticated objet d'art containing the same glowing blue dinoflagellates. If you haven't...

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G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox

$84.99 from G-Project »

iLounge named G-Project's G-BOOM Bluetooth boombox "Speaker of the Year" in 2013, which I'm pretty sure is the audio equipment equivalent of Time giving Pope Francis Man of the Year. It's a pretty damn awesome and powerful...

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The Hippie Rebel Vaporizer

$109 from The Hippie »

A Hippie Rebel. Aren't those terms contradictory? Or are they redundant? Analogous? Synonyms for "unorthodox"? Synonyms for "douchebag"? So many people have so many different feelings about hippies and rebels. Which is...

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Kove Commuter Wireless Speaker

$89.99 from KOVE »

Hold your speaker like your can of sodie and drink up its sound from anywhere with KOVE's Commuter, a wireless audio pumper with an X-Bass subwoofer and 8+ hours of playtime per charge....

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Bike Sack Light

$12.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

I've seen these Bike Sack Lights in red before, but this one here comes in a much more fitting blue. The idea is the same, though: make yourself visible to cars and others sharing the road. Be safe on your bicycle. Protect...

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TigerVPN Lifetime Subscription

$29 from TigerVPN »

When the internet "launched" part of its appeal was the privacy and anonymity we could enjoy while using it. Fast forward 20+ years and many of our primary concerns now are the lack of privacy and anonymity we have when...

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DashCam Hi-Res Car Video Recorder & Camera

$24.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

Record your drive with a DashCam for a safer ride. That is to say, to ensure sob stories and blatant lies don't get the best of what really happened....

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Brain.fm - Music for the Brain

$19 - $49.99 from Brain.fm »

We know music has the power to make us feel. Brain.fm believes music also has the power to make us think. Or maybe it's just making us feel in a way that's conducive to thinking. Brain.fm is a streaming service that uses...

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IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light

$12.99 from IllumiBowl »

Light up your john like the 4th of July with an IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light, and get it for 35% off for a limited time!...

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truBrain Think Drinks

$24 from TruBrain »

truBrain Think Drinks are energy shots, sure, but they're not--or at least their calculated packaging and scientific assertions say they're not--your typical caffeine-and-corn-syrup-laden boosters. truBrain focuses on...focus....

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Solid Signal BLADE Slim HDTV Antenna

$15.99 from Solid Signal »

Solid Signal's ultra-slim HD antennas won't hook you up with the WiFi, but they will allow you to maintain some of your TV viewing habits without selling your soul (and private information) to the cable company. Available...

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Bullet Grinder

$9.99 from Goliath Industry »

This Bullet Grinder has 6 shots and 26 teeth, which is 5 more shots and 20 more teeth than the guy I played Russian Roulette with on Saturday....

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The Ballistic Backpack

Look at all that Ballistic Backpack webbing. Think of all the ink pens and pen lights and bottle openers and nail clippers and strips of crispy bacon you could stick in there. It's like...it's like...a pocket protector...

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Nope Webcam Covers

$14.99 from Bungajungle »

Nope magnetic webcam covers are simple, low-profile, and nice looking privacy shields for your smartphone, tablet, iMac, Macbook, laptop, and desktop. Though they have way less flair than my personal choice of webcam...

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Grain Audio Wood On-Ear Headphones

$69.99 from Grain Audio »

Grain Audio chose wood as the medium for its fine purveyors of audio bliss for 3 reasons: sound; sight; and touch. (To complete the 5 senses quintet, I went ahead and smelled and licked my Grain PWS Bluetooth speaker...

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The High Knife

The High Knife is all about getting high on life. But it can't encompass every facet of your life's joys and gratifications, so the Swiss Army Knife-style multi-tool has chosen to focus on a particular category of them:...

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Arctic Monsoon Instant Pop Up Tent

$74.99 from DudeIWantThat.com »

While I'm not sure if this pop-up tent is suitable for either the arctic or a monsoon, I do appreciate that it really does appear to set up and break down in an instant. Well, at least the tent part does. If you want...

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ShamRock It! Booze Nipyata!

$79.99 from Nipyata! »

Are you ready to smash to get smashed this St. Paddy's Day? Nipyata!'s ShamRock It! booze pinata awards the luckiest--and strongest and best aiming--of the Irish with 10 assorted nips of Irish whiskey, Bailey's, vodka...

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Build-On Brick Mug

$19.99 from Build-On Brick Mug »

Hey, le'go my mug, Steve from IT! No really, here's a few more bricks. Built it up, bro. The strategically named (or perhaps renamed) Build-On Brick Mug has a 12-ounce food-grade interior, and an outer surface covered...

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Smokeless Indoor Stovetop Grill

$23.98 from DudeIWantThat.com »

Here's a grill for the inside, which is probably more pleasant to use this time of year than a grill for the outside. And it doesn't take up a fat wad of space, instead installing over a single burner on your range. And...

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Nano Torch

$14.99 from KeySmart »

KeySmart, the people who shrank down your wad of keys, have developed the Nano Torch to do the same for your flashlight. The keychain-ready Torch is made of durable stainless steel and fitted with ultra-bright Nichia...

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Pulse III Guybrator (NSFW)

$109 - $149 from Hot Octopuss »

Hot Octopuss gives their trademarked "guybrator" a v.3 upgrade with the Pulse III Solo and Duo. I explored the ricockculous delights of the Pulse II here. This new edition aims (and squeezes and slides) to intensify your...

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Pacsafe Anti-Theft Duffel Bag

$69.95 - $79.95 from Pacsafe »

It's not that Pacsafe is paranoid and cynical, it's that the anti-theft travel gear brand knows there's a whole big lot of sticky-fingered shysters out there who would totally swipe your shit if you gave them an opening....

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Kinkajou Bottle Cutting & Candle Making Kit

Kinkajou. The word sounds like it applies to a precocious, yet cuddly, mammalian sidekick that sits on your shoulder and surreptitiously swipes peoples' two-bite brownies and tubes of lip gloss during walks through the...