HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker & Drink Chiller

Posted: April 07, 2018
HyperChiller Coffee Chiller

If you can hold your horses and swirl your wrist for 60 seconds or so, pure, refreshing iced coffee to start the day, or keep you chugging along through it, is yours. HyperChiller cools fresh hot coffee into fresh iced coffee in as little as a minute. The container's multi-chamber, flash-chilling design also means your hot brew never touches ice; it emerges cold undiluted, and full of the flavor you intended.

For a limited time, you can purchase a pair of HyperChillers for $15 off retail price. That's one for you and, since the HyperChiller made my Best Gifts for Women list this year, one for a special caffeine-loving (or chardonnay-loving*) lady on your holiday shopping list.

If you have a single-serve coffee brewer you can percolate your drip directly into the HyperChiller (previously frozen in your freezer). Alternatively, use the brewer's carafe to pour into the recessed section of the HyperChiller lid. Once the cold canister is full, swirl it every few seconds to keep the coffee moving. An 8-ounce pour will come down around 130 degrees in temperature in one minute. Once cooled, you can pour the coffee over ice, or drink it straight from the HyperChiller.

*If you're not a coffee drinker, you (or she) still might be interested in using the HyperChiller to quick-chill iced tea, whiskey, white white, or other spirits.

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