Harvard Law...Just Kidding Sweatshirt

Posted: November 30, 2012
Harvard Law...Just Kidding Sweatshirt
$34.99 - $37.99
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I've been looking for the perfect Christmas gift to give my crestfallen cousin, who just received his rejection letter from Harvard Law. I hate my cousin. He's an insolent little twat. I was going to anonymously send him some gorilla shit, but I think a Harvard Law...Just Kidding sweatshirt is even better because I'll be able to relish the expression on his face when he opens it, and then play the innocent, "What? Too soon?" card.

For those of you who don't have d-bag cousins who didn't get into Harvard Law, might I recommend this American Apparel pullover hoodie for all of the special slackers and idiots in your life? It's a guaranteed comfy, 100% California fleece sweatshirt, so even if they don't appreciate (or get) the joke, surely they will enjoy lounging around playing Assassin's Creed and wasting their lives away in it. Seriously, what better attire to don whilst making no useful contribution to society?

Cap off the effect with a pair of Dress Pants Sweatpants and a Remote Control Cooler.

Harvard Law...Just Kidding sweatshirt color choices are heather grey and white, and available sizes are S through 2XL.

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