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Posted: July 28, 2012
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Remote Control Cooler video viewing is a must. For the dudes. Ladies...don't send me hate mail. (Send it to the Australians, it was their idea.) According to the manufacturer, insulated walls 12" in diameter and 14" high that house ice and up to 12 bottles, and a bottle cap-shaped remote control able to summons the wheeled phenom from up to 30' away, give new meaning to the concept of cold refreshment at your fingertips. Or it would if refreshment at your fingertips were a valid concept or topic people ever talk about. But at the very least, the RC Cooler masters the much simpler role of Really Cool Toy. Reviews are largely positive for the cooler's novelty factor, with kudos given to its crowd-pleasing powers and ability to traverse dirt outdoors and rugs indoors. Critiques include its tortoise pace and the laughable claim that it can hold 12 beers when filled with ice.

The Remote Control Cooler requires 6 C batteries, plus 2 AA batteries in the remote to function. It comes with a sealable lid, and is also collapsible down to 6 1/2" high for storage when not in use.

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