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RAVPower FileHub - The Data Multi-Tool

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The RAVPower FileHub is like the Hugh Jackman of data tools. Not only can it act, and look like a superhuman freak of nature whose muscles grow muscles, and talk in an Australian accent that makes every woman want to...

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An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

$10.38 from Amazon »

Know what they say? If you're arguing with an idiot, make sure he isn't doing the same thing. Know who heeds that advice? Almost no one engaging in an argument on the Internet. But author Ali Almossawi has decided to...

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Back to the Future DeLorean iPhone 6 Case

$50 from Bandai »

Like the Crazy Case Batmobile, Bandai's Back to the Future II DeLorean case for the iPhone 6 is forthcoming. And while it would be a grand and poetic gesture for the Japanese toy company to set their lit-up, pimped-out...

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Skull Hard Boiled Egg Mold

$8.49 from Amazon »

I think the best ad campaign of all time might be The Incredible Edible Egg. Not only because it rhymes, which is always the best way to present something, and is about food, which is always the best thing for something...

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Giveaway: The Man Mystery Box

"The Man," as in this Mystery Box is stuffed with over $500 worth of gear coveted by the XY sex, and also "The Man," as in that's what owning the stuff in this box will make you. Click here and enter to win Dude's The...

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Popcorn Monsoon

One thing that would make Jolene Carlier's Popcorn Monsoon better is if all the popped kernels actually landed in the bowl when they dropped out of the bottom of the machine's Mario pipe. But since the invention is still...

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Handmade Wood & Aluminum USB Charger

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BREAKING NEWS: Boutique Design Meets Charging Powerhouse! Also, Thundersnow! in Boston! Dude, this weekend just keeps getting trippier. First all the dead flowers and rotting meat I got from my ex for Valentine's Day...

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Pancake Pen

$16.99 from Amazon »

I know I'm ur sunshine, Mama. You don't have to make me pancakes that spell it out, wait! But I mean, since you're already almost finished with them anyway, you should probably just keep going. Mmmm, we have...

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Fifty Farts Playing Cards

$7.99 from Perpetual Kid »

Smells like a fun night of Texas Hold 'Em! The Fifty Farts deck of cards "serves as a taxonomy of the rectal expulsion of gas byproducts of the mammalian digestive process." Just like my own body after a 3-course dinner...

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Portable Bug-Free Hammock

$90 from Amazon »

One thing that sucks about, the, bugs. Really all bugs, but mostly mosquitoes and those godforsaken devil's minions of the insect world, no-see-ums. Those F'ers. They skulk around...

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Atmos Thermo Vaporizer Kit

$34.99 from AtmosRx »

AtmosRX knows that a really good vaporizer won't just get you high, it will get you high on the go. Their pocket-sized Thermo DW was designed with a ceramic cartridge small enough for heating dry herbs and waxy oils discreetly...

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Life-Size Furniture Erector Set

Now that you've mastered the crane erector set, how about using these life-size assembly parts, plus whatever imagination and elbow grease you can muster up, to craft yourself a table to display it on? French company...

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Zip Mini Touch-n-Go Charging Station

The Zip Mini charges up to 4 devices at once using the power of [cue James Earl Jones voice over] MAGNETS...

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Skyscraper Stalaclights

Stalaclights. I wonder which came first: David Graas' intricate, 3D-printed hanging skyscraper bulb shades or his indubitably clever parody of a name for them. The skyscrapers give the appearance of growing directly from...

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Star Wars Headphones

$87.99 - $129.99 from Amazon »

Who from a galaxy far, far away best represents your tastes in jams? In this corner, it's me, Vader, and Ariana Grande, all minxy and Sith-like, for sure. But if you're more Taylor Swift pure, committed to doing what's...

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Skull Shaver

$106.17 from Amazon »

To raze or not to raze, that is the balding man's question. And thankfully it's one my lush bonsai tree of locks and I will never have to answer. But for the Thinners and Receders out there, plus anyone who just digs...

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First 24 Survival Kit

$1,499 from Taurus »

I hope our current obsession with survival gear and bug out bags and general disaster preparedness means we're not actually going to have to face the collapse of the world in the near future. Because when it comes to...

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Quirky BBQ Bundle

$69 from Quirky »

Inventors' site Quirky has a set of tools here to appease the visions of grilling season dancing in your head. As usual, the site's spins on traditional BBQ gear seek to expand and improve upon the basics--give them a...

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Titanium Spork

$14.24 from Amazon »

The Tater Twister came and went. So did the Salad Shooter. The electric knife. The electric can opener (my mama had one of those!) But the spork, the spork will never fall into oblivion. One of our country's finest examples...

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Dovo Classic Straight Razor

$115.99 - $123 from Amazon »

Dovo Steelware was founded in Solingen, Germany around 1906, and began producing implements of male face grooming in the 1930s. Nearly 100 years later the company is still supporting and still forging its classic straight-edge...

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Luna Intelligent Mattress Cover

$199 - $229 from Luna »

Luna describes itself as "the world's first mattress cover that intelligently warms your bed, tracks sleep, and makes your bed smart." And it does it all in 2 minutes. Almost as fast as I myself do things in bed...

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DoctorKote Ballistics Gel Targets

$25 - $35 from Doctor Kote »

While it's complete blasphemy and should be grounds for long-term imprisonment to shoot at R2-D2 and Han Solo (while the poor bastard is frozen in Carbonite!) the Stormtrooper and LEGO man versions of DoctorKote's FBI-grade...

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Crime Scene Hot Pot Trivet

$15.99 from Amazon »

Even in death this victim continues contributing to society, protecting your countertops and tablecloths from scorching. From crime scene to hot pot holder, I think it's fair to call this dude the ultimate giver, and...

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Daryl Dixon Zombie Ears Necklace

$199.99 from Amazon »

As Vincent Van Gogh proved 125 years ago, nothing says, "Be My Valentine," like a severed ear. And thanks to the mutational viruses unleashed by modern research, today you don't even have to lop off your own ear for the...