Albert Clock - Calculate the Time, Einstein

Posted: February 28, 2020
Albert Clock - Calculate the Time, Einstein
$350 - $395
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Albert Clock be like, "Excuse me, son, you wanna know if it's happy hour yet? OK, here. Calculate the time, Einstein." The Albert Clock is a digital desktop clock whose hours and minutes are shown as mathematical equations. Unlike the math dial watch, it uses simple(ish) addition, subtraction, and multiplication, but still, if you're wondering whether you're 10 minutes or an hour late, you're going to have to do some real number crunching to find out.

German designer Axel Schindlbeck has only your best interests in mind with the Albert Clock. He and his testing team say using the Einstein-inspired timepiece will improve your math skills within 4 weeks. And at least they were nice enough to leave out division from the equations.

Further, in the Albert Clock product description Schindlbeck says, "Level 0 added for math losers," which I assume is his charming and diplomatic German way of saying you can set the clock to just display the time too.

Albert Clocks come in 4 different finishes, with housings made of either American walnut or maple wood, all crafted in the Black Forest region of Germany. If you're looking for a gift for a geek, the Albert Clock has your number...times 4, and plus 8.

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