Carbon Fiber Fanny Pack

By: on April 01, 2017

Common Fibers knows carbon fiber. Common Fibers knows the 1980s. And one look at the The Coolest Fanny--aka The Manny Pack--aka The CF2--and you know Common Fibers. Knows. Men. I for one have never wanted anything so hard in my life.

My EDC is getting OOC. I carry way too much stuff for my pockets, but I'm sick of lugging around a backpack like a high schooler, and cross-body messengers dig into whatever shoulder they're on and flap against my leg while I'm walking. But fanny packs. The perfect distribution of weight at the perfect place on my body to bear it. And carbon fiber. Make anything out of carbon fiber, a guitar, a fedora, and you've instantly made it 4117 times cooler.

In addition to boasting an aerospace-grade carbon fiber exterior, Common Fibers' Coolest Fanny is packed with a host of pack-ready slots, compartments, and straps, plus some tech fixtures that seamlessly merge the old school aesthetic with the modern man's needs. These include:

  • An ergonomic, lifter's-quality hip belt;
  • A wallet with phone pocket;
  • A sunglasses pocket lined with suede;
  • A tallboy koozie;
  • An insulated cooler with enough space for ice and 3 x tallboys;
  • A multi-use clip for attaching keys, fobs, dog leashes, and pullup bands;
  • 4 x 3.5W speakers and a 2,000 mAh speaker battery with 5 hours of playback time;
  • A 3000 mAh Qi/USB charger;
  • Bluetooth or Aux connectivity.

If you're still not sure whether or not The Coolest Fanny--aka The Manny Pack--aka The CF2--is truly cool, and truly cool enough for you, check out the promo video. The Fanny-wearing dude in it is also wearing a P90X shirt and 2 arms' worth of tatts. Enough said.

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