Cross-Body Packs

Posted: July 18, 2014
Cross-Body Packs
$33.97 - $35.99
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Is it acceptable for a straight male to wear a cross-body pack? Not on his chest like he's Alan-satcheling it for the day or Mr. Mom schlepping around his kid, but across his back? Because I have a lot of weed and Pringles stuff I need with me at all times and it would be nice not to have to keep carrying it around in a plastic Walgreens bag.

A little less bulky than a backpack, a little more classy than drug store plastic, and spacious like your pants pockets could never be, even if you wear really big pants, Otium's cross-body chest/back packs hold 20 ounces of your most necessary necessities. They come in green and khaki canvas with genuine leather accents and multiple pockets.

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