Stetson Carbon Fiber Fedora

Posted: September 09, 2016
Carbon Fiber Fedora
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Know when I could have used a carbon fiber fedora? Nope, that's not a question dripping in sarcasm whose answer is "Never." I really could have used a carbon fiber fedora last week when my girlfriend dragged me to some fundraiser for some nonprofit whose theme was something to do with Cuba. The only reasons I caved and agreed to go were: 1) They were raffling off a trip to Cuba (now legal for us to travel to too, Canadians!); and 2) She-Ra: Princess of Power now owes me a favor. A big one.

Anyway, in addition to my attendance, the Cuba fundraiser also required that I dress in the spirit of Cuba: all white clothes and fedora-ed from here to next Tuesday. This one made of flexible carbon fiber would have been way nicer than the itchy straw and felt number I got for $4.99 from Amazon.

Carbon Fiber Gear is proud to sell the first real carbon fiber fedora. It was designed by Stetson--yes, that Stetson--and comes in sizes S through XL.

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