USB Lighter

Posted: July 25, 2012
Jigger USB Lighter

Jigger, the USB-charged cigarette lighter. Nice concept, but cigarettes? Cigarettes?! How will I light my Planet Earth Globe Fire Pit? How am I supposed to light my Kraken pipe? How I'm gonna light my Menagerie of Mechanized Happiness?! Basically, unless you regularly need to burn the tips of your Bics to get the ink flowing again, the Jigger's handiness is restricted to smokers of the cigarettes and inhalers of the joints. Should you find yourself in that category, though, read on to discover its dazzling attributes and be baited by its searing smile.

After 30 minutes plugged in to any standard USB port, the Jigger achieves a full charge capable of up to 250 lightings before re-juicing is needed. Wind, rain, and other inclement outdoor conditions be damned, this fully-electric, intense source of heat purports to function smoothly in all environments with no fuel, spark, or finger-flicking talent required. Its lack of flame and protective lid also make it much safer to use than standard lighters, and according to the manufacturer, Jiggers are even cleared for air travel (though I wouldn't use it once you're on the plane).

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