Octopus Pipe

Posted: June 07, 2012
Octopus Pipe
$40 - $275
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Usually when some smug schmuck tells me to put that in my pipe and smoke it I must restrain myself from punching them in the face. But I think part of the reason such restraint is necessary is that I don't often enough put that in my pipe and smoke it. So probably I need a pipe. A pipe both mesmerizing and calming. A pipe capable of drowning my ire for self-important mongers of cliches in a heavy fog of cracklin' marijuana. A hand-blown glass pipe with eight loping tentacles and buggy eyes that seem to promise years of ambivalent companionship. An Andromeda Glass Octopus Pipe, to serve as an emblem of the chapter in my life that will thrive on chillness and peace of mind, and refute instinctual anger and violence.

Except when directed towards dysfunctional bureaucracies and supremely stupid people, of course.

The featured mollusk was blown from Onyx Black, and configured such that his head functions as the pipe's finger rest. A host of additional intricate and captivating octopus designs and color combinations also populate Andromeda Glass' shop, with prices ranging from $40 to $275, and colors Acid Trip Pillow to Beetlejuice Suit. All pipes are functional.

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