Menagerie of Mechanized Happiness Pipe

Posted: April 20, 2012
Menagerie of Mechanized Happiness Pipe Closeup

Norman Osborn and Beaker from The Muppets are going to have a conniption when they get a load of this Frankencreation of welded steel and glass. The Menagerie of Mechanized Happiness Machine--ahhh, its name alone evokes reverence--is the steampunk-lovin' chem lab stoner's eternal soul mate. And even for the rest of us, it may be the marijuana accoutrement of the century. I hear Santa Claus sacks of weed actually line up outside the door begging to be stuffed into and puffed out of this otherworldly vision of science, art, and getting high. Happy 4/20 indeed.

The Menagerie of Mechanized Happiness Machine is one of many intricate and flawless glass smoking vessels, ornaments, and pieces of jewelry hatched and molded by the husband and wife team of Shannon Norris and Erin Cartee. The two own a gallery in North Carolina called Fireworx Glass Studio (check out their Facebook page for new creations), as well as peddle a few masterpieces in their online Etsy shop. The bubbling Menagerie pipe began with a recovered welded steel base, and grew to 23" tall, and almost 10 pounds with the additions of a stemless bub with freezer inline, psi gauge, and man-sized nails.

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