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By: on December 04, 2012
  • WTF? Icon Prints - Batman Puking
  • WTF? Icon Prints - Jabba the Hutt Puking
  • WTF? Icon Prints - Bigfoot on the John
  • WTF? Icon Prints - Cthulhu Playing the Guitar
  • WTF? Icon Prints - Sperm Whale Shooting Bald Eagle with Bazooka
  • WTF? Icon Prints - Robo-Cthulhu
$15 - $40
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Santa, you better man up because your sleigh is about to be filled to the gates of heaven with prints of "Batman Puking His Friggin Guts Out" and "Bazooka Whale." I don't know what's more enamoring here: Jann Van Zant's WTF? artwork of iconic characters doing somewhat normal, yet by virtue of being so normal, extremely strange, and vaguely disturbing shit...or his precise and literal titles for said shit. Oh look, Bigfoot appears to be having some gastrointestinal issues, perhaps from terrorizing and/or eating humans. Let's call it, "Bigfoot Breaks into Some Dude's Cabin and Totally Takes a Fat Dump in His Toilet." And Cthulhu, who has been roboticized during his time on the ocean floor, is now ascending from depths of the sea and wreaking havoc on one of its vessels. It's "Robo Cthulhu Rises and Totally Wrecks Some Stupid Ship." Plus, here's your chance to escape the Tatooine, seeing as "Jabba the Hutt Barfed his Guts All the Way Down to Pizza Hut" and will be indisposed for the next 2 to 3 hours.

Van Zant's bizzare interpretations of our favorite heros and anti-heros range from (unmatted and unframed) 8 x 10 to 16 x 20 prints. Though individual print sizes are specified in their respective listings, alternative size requests may be accommodated upon request, and displays of the buyer's worthiness via a video submission of him or herself fending off a Big Gay Inflatable Snowman with a leaf blower. Unforgettable images of a sperm whale nailing a bald eagle with a bazooka and Cthulhu awakening and announcing his return to civilization with a "Sweet Ass Guitar Solo" are all inked on Archival Quality Kodak Professional Supra Endura paper.

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Dripping Glass Jellyfish Sculptures

Daniela Forti creates these sick jellyfish sculptures and sculptural tables that I would definitely break within 5 minutes of owning using a glassworking technique called glass fusion, and a physics technique called gravity....

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Life-Size Bigfoot Statue

$2,226 from Amazon »

It's not so much a Bigfoot sighting as it is a Bigfoot companion for life with this life-size Garden Yeti Statue from Design Toscano. If you thought the 8-1/2-foot-tall garden gnome would increase your home's value and...

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Slow Dance - A Frame that Slows Down Time

$249 from Kickstarter »

Imagine a club in Vegas. A go-go dancer. Strobe lights. It's a spectacle of stop motion animation, the fluidity of movement altered by the way the flashes of light play with your eyes. Now scale that scene way down and...

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Stoner Coffee Table Book

$9.66 from Amazon »

Steve Mockus presents: the Stoner Coffee Table Book. For that special kind of stoner who enjoys smoking out solo, and needs an activity more interactive than staring off into space, but less mentally taxing than playing...

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Momentary Ink - Try on Your Custom Tattoo

$15 - $21 from Momentary Ink »

I wanted my girlfriend to dress up as the hot chick from Blindspot for Halloween so I could test out these Momentary Ink custom tattoos on her, but she was all, No! Absolutely not! I have a trial starting Thursday and...

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Self-Regenerative Wax Lamp

Everyone wants to be a hard ass. The Terminator. The Regulator. The Undertaker. Chuck Norris. Where's The Do-Gooder? The Helper? The Revitalizer? Relegated to the arenas of kindergarten classrooms and home decor, that's...

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Hanging Bubble Wall Fountain

$265 from Amazon »

Hang a Bubble Wall Fountain in your living room and escape into a soothing stream of LED reverie whenever you feel like life is bludgeoning your soul, or after you run out of Master of None episodes to watch and have...

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The Original Egg-Bot - CNC Art Robot Kit

$199.95 from Amazon »

Get an Egg-Bot in time for Easter and dazzle family and friends with your precision-Sharpied eggs covered in ornate patterns, adorable chick and bunny faces, and the ultimate in egg hunters' prizes: a hard-boiled baby...

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Inspired Designs Ferrofluid Sculptures

$25 - $150 from Inspired Designs »

Ferrofluid represents the glorious union of science and beauty. Of visual art and tactile interaction. Of workplace boredom and sweet desktop toys. Inspired Designs head inspirer, Kyle Haines, creates his ferrofluid displays...

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Cthulhu Titanium Bottle Opener

$80 from A. Jacques »

Maybe Alex Jacques' interest in a Cthulhu bottle opener began with his interest in straight razors. The craftsman started out, and continues to forge, what he hopes you'll consider "the finest handmade straight razors...

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Moby Whalers

$145 - $225 from Moby Whalers »

This Moby looks like it wants to chow down on some bottle caps with a quickness. Wonder if the whale's stomach is big enough to hold as many caps as mine is to hold the beers they unleash....

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Personalized Lovecraftian Bottles

$93.02 from Etsy »

Pick your poison. Actually, pick two: a spirit to fill one of Orion Oddities's sick hand-sculpted bottles with; and a Lovecraftian beast to guard its contents. The Italian design shop molds the likenesses of Cthulhu and...