The Myriad Monikers of Gotham's Villains

By: on July 18, 2012

Of course there's no escaping the Dark Knight ever, but there's particularly no escaping the Dark Knight this week. Although this tour de force of Batman schwag goes way back--as in even before Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan--to recount 70 years worth of mayhem and destruction courtesy of the Bat world's most devious and deadly. The Myriad Monikers of Gotham's Villains, another superb taxonomical poster from Pop Chart Lab, traces and categorizes the hundreds of nemeses Batman has battled throughout his tenure as DC's golden child.

OK, Batfans, grab a pen and paper. Prepare to make a list of every evil trickster, sociopath, lugnut, seductress, self-aggrandizer, and enterpriser to whom the walls of Gotham City have refused yet to fall. Ready...go!

Did you get The Penny Plunderer? Batzarro? Killer Moth? The Walrus? Dark Knight die-hards and trivia whores, open wide. This definitive history of Gotham's baddest (or at least most desperate) will feed your comic book obsession or satisfy your minutiae cravings for weeks on end.

The Myriad Monikers of Gotham's Villains will be released in a first edition of 500, 18" x 24" prints on Monday, July 23, 2012. Preorders are currently available. Each print arrives signed and numbered by its artists on 100 lb. archival recycled stock.

Be sure to check out Pop Chart Lab's other categorical, cartographical wonders, including The Evolution of Video Game Controllers, Breweries of the United States, and The Magnificent Map of Rap Names.

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Mainland USA, According to Common Sense

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The sad thing is, I'm pretty sure all of these "jokes" are based on actual statistics from the US Census. The other sad thing is, I bet the 95% of us who couldn't name half of the color blocks when looking at a blank...

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Arkham Harley Quinn Costume


Cartoons and reality have met, merged, and are now calling out to your carn(iv)al sensibilities. Sinister, hard-edged, Brooklyn-tongued Harley Quinn makes the likes of animated wet dreams Jessica Rabbit and Holli Wood...

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Logical Fallacies Poster

The Logical Fallacies Poster! Finally, ladies! A gift for every man you know. And finally, dudes! A gift for every woman you know. Teachers, a wall-mountable token for your students. Constituents, a mailing-tube-shippable...

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Batman Motorcycle Helmet

$325 from Helmet Dawg »

It seems to me that if someone threw out the general suggestion, "Hey, why don't we put some ears on these bike helmets?" he would be permanently exiled from the motorcycle universe. But somehow this actualized vision...

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The Dark Knight Rises Motorcycle Suit

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Answer: As a souped-up sick UD Replicas Motorcycle Suit. Question: What is one more way in which the Dark Knight rises? Designed especially for the latest Batman trilogy's epic conclusion, the Dark Knight Rises Motorcycle...

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The Darth Knight

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You love Batman, but you're a loyal Star Wars fanboy. Halloween is coming up and you have a difficult decision to make. Can you betray Darth Vader for your new crush on the Dark Knight? Good news. You won't have to. Mash...

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Jet Turbine Powered Batmobile


If you thought the TRON Lightcycle was awesome (and expensive) prepare your senses for overload as they take in this Batmobile replica. It's street registered in the US, so if you dream of trying your hand at Batman-style...

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The Secret Lives of Superheroes Prints

$20 - $50 from Society 6 »

Greg-guillemin reigns supreme: Best Paparazzo Ever. I knew Wonder Woman's rack wasn't real. But I have to say, I definitely took it for silicone over Kleenex. Her tissue-molding skills are impressive. Superheros may pick...

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The Batman Collection

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Black Milk Clothing's Batman Collection has a Batsuit for every type of crime a girl could want to fight. For example, not looking hot. Or not showing enough leg. Not showing enough cleavage. Not wearing a belted Bat-Signal...

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Hero Within Coats

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I told my gf I would agree to wear a man pea coat under one condition: it had to have a subtle and classy Bat symbol integrated into its cut and stitching across the back and shoulders. Then I smugly thought about how...

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Evolution of the Bat-Signal Poster


Geez, 30 permutations of Batman's Bat-Signal from 1940 to 2012. I wish the stale logos of Ford and Chevrolet would take a page out of the progressive DC Comics' book. Maybe then I'd consider buying an American car as...

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Batman Backpack

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I guess since the Dark Knight Rises motorcycle suit pretty much congeals itself to the body of whomever puts it on with nary a pocket to spare, UD Replicas figured they better come out with some sort of supplemental storage...