Giveaway: Still The Man Mystery Box

By: on August 10, 2015

Last February's Mystery Box giveaway catered to and crowned its winner The Man (congrats David M. of Thayer, IL). But we know there are plenty more The Mans out there, and we have plenty more male-centric loot in our stash to give away. So if you were The Man looking for Man stuff then, and are Still The Man still looking for Man stuff now, click here and enter to win Dude's Still The Man Mystery Box. A $300+ value.

This giveaway is open to US residents only.

About the Still The Man Mystery Box

We can't tell you what's inside, but we can tell you this Mystery Box is stocked with Dudeworthy products specifically chosen for men and their manly pursuits. We can also tell you the total prize retail value is over $300.

Still The Man Mystery Box Giveaway Entry Instructions

To register, click here and fill out the Still The Man Mystery Box Giveaway entry form. Or, if you're already a member of DudeIWantThat.com, when the magic entry form button appears, just click it to enter.

Giveaway prize includes $300+ worth of products, most of which have previously been featured on DudeIWantThat.com.

The Still The Man Mystery Box Giveaway entry period is open through 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, August 16, 2015. Our drawn winner will be contacted by email within 48 hours of the entry period's conclusion, and will have 12 hours to respond and claim his/her prize. (Should we not hear back from a drawn winner in the specified time period, a new winner will be drawn and contacted.)

Winner should allow up to 2 weeks for prize delivery.

Once winners are drawn and confirmed, they will be announced below.

This giveaway is open to US residents only.

Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Bob P. of Lincoln, RI, winner of the Still the Man Mystery Box. Thanks to all entrants, and be sure to check the Dude homepage or Dude Giveaways section for your chance to enter our latest prize drawing.

Mystery Box Contents Revealed

August 31, 2015 Update: Now that Still the Man Mystery Box Winner Bob P. has received his prize, we can reveal the box's contents. Here's what he got:

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