Zombie Cutting Boards

Posted: October 09, 2014
Zombie Cutting Boards
$35 - $50
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San Diego-based woodworker Dave Stencil has decided to bring zombies to the kitchen. To "make quality cutting boards that showcase your love for braaaaiiiins...and well prepared meals."

Dave Stencil is right that I love brains and well prepared meals. Usually separately. Usually the former when they're pumped full of the knowledge and motivation needed to find cool products and do my work for me (thank you, Mama, Manny) and the latter at any time of any day of the week (thank you, Mama, House of Hong). Having recently held a Dude-ified version of one in my hands, I now love his Zombie Cutting Boards too though.

While I wouldn't use my Zombie Cutting Board to slash up tomatoes or bloody meat for fear of wood grain infiltration and congealing, I will engage its services for other standard chopping block players, such as carrots, celery, peppers, apples, and cocktail adornments. And I'll definitely bring it out for hosted (by Mama) dinners, parties, and Walking Dead viewings.

Pursuant to his successful Kickstarter campaign, Stencil will create each buyer's choice of zombie-themed cutting board or bread board. There are currently bamboo, maple, cherry, and mahogany woods, plus 3 crazed undead characters to choose from. Stencil cuts and constructs each edge-grain board, less the bamboo versions, himself and then laser etches them to complete zombification. Standard cutting board size is 9" x 13" and cheese/bread board size is 5-1/2" x 15".

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