The Two Fisted Drinker

Posted: June 26, 2015
The Two Fisted Drinker
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One way to be a patriot (official) is to wear red, white & blue. And one way to be a Super Patriot (unofficial) is to wear red, white & blue while blowing shit up and getting completely trashed on the 4th of July. I've already showed you where to get the blasts, blazes & haze. So here I'm rounding out the third part of the equation with the Two Fisted Drinker. In your choice of red, white, or blue.

Two Fisted Drinker makers describe their creation as, "Two beer mugs fused together by technology that is beyond our time." I couldn't agree more. As if two beers, in one hand weren't enough, this dynamic duo of steins also drinks like a single. Pour your brew into one of the mugs, and a built-in center conduit (in layman's terms: hole) will funnel the liquid back and forth between the two containers to keep their levels even as you stand, and spill-proof as you drink. Check out the video here.

In addition to beer sharing, the Two Fisted Drinker also promotes the co-mingling of other popular liquids. Put iced tea in one side and lemonade in the other for a Two Fisted Arnold Palmer, or vodka in one side and tomato juice and seasonings in the other to Two Fist Bloody Mary.

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