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Milk & Cookies Shots

Now that the Cookie Monster has had his fling with Siri, maybe he can engage the services of Alexa to order him a dozen...or 8 dozen...of Dirty Cookie's Milk & Cookie Shots. I can't wait to see what he gets up to while...

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Halo Top Eat-the-Whole-Pint Healthy Ice Cream

$3.99 - $5.99 from Amazon »

This is the Halo Top pitch: 240 to 280 calories per pint*, and it more than doesn't suck. In fact, get a jar of PB2, mix some of that powdery peanut butter goodness into a personal vat of Halo Top Chocolate, and you won't...

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La Salamandra Argentinian Dulce de Leche

Sold Out from Amazon »

Amongst all the cows Argentina is known for converting to internationally-renowned ribs and steaks there must be a few they keep around and milk for converting into what is apparently also internationally-renowned dulce...

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Chocolution Exploration Kits

$39.99 from ThinkGeek »

One swell habit I developed over the holiday season was eating large quantities of food. Particularly those containing bacon and chocolate (usually separately, but sometimes together). So my New Year's Resolution is to...

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Bacon Chocolate Covered Oreos & Twinkies

Sold Out from Amazon »

Oreos and Twinkies topped with bacon and then dipped in chocolate. This is what I would call the Trick-or-Treating Mother Lode. At least before wackjobs started putting needles and poison into their homemade treats for...

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Viveltre Gourmet Marshmallows

$5.99 - $9.99 from Viveltre »

Today's Lesson: If you're going to eat...hold on, let me count...30 jumbo marshmallows for breakfast, they may as well be jumbo marshmallows that are F'ing. Delicious. Viveltre, confectioner and administrator of my lesson...

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Cake in a Can

$7.25 - $9.07 from Not on the High Street »

The Food Ministry makes Cake in a Can. Well, really they mix up dry cake ingredients and seal them inside an adorable cylinder of recyclable metal. Then they ship them to people who are too lazy or inept to follow the...

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Cheeseburger Cupcake Brownies

$25 from Bakery Ave. »

I guess you could make cheeseburger cupcake brownies yourself if you know how to bake cupcakes and brownies, and apply icing without squirting it all over your kitchen cabinets, but I don't. Also, things always taste...

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Turkey Ice Cream Cake

$32.99 from Baskin Robbins »

A merger of my two favorite things in life--ice cream and stuffing my face--Baskin Robbins' Thanksgiving Turkey Cake is back. Its return wasn't guaranteed. No, the layers of Mint Chocolate Chip and fudgy partitions shaped...

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Beer Ice Cream

Getting drunk and eating an entire pint of ice cream are typically consecutive events anyway, so why not combine them into one? Meet The Brewer's Cow, premium beer ice cream made from Guinness, Sam Adams, Ten Penny Ale...

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Easter Egg Cake

$79.95 from Williams Sonoma »

Easter is only two weeks away. Do you have your cutesy, themed, pastel dessert for the impending gorge of post-egg-hunt ham and sweets? Let the kids eat the jelly beans and Peeps. And especially the real Easter eggs....

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Doughnut Cookies

$49.95 from Williams Sonoma »

Uh oh, the Cookie Monster and the Po Po are about to have a conniption. Doughnuts and cookies gettin' it on? Producing offspring? And just in time for your co-worker's retirement party, your "Sorry I'm an asshole" peace...

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Peanut Butter Cup Cake


A gargantuan mail-order Peanut Butter Cup Cake, stacked with double layers of rich chocolate devil's food hugging real peanut butter filling, and then drowned in a dark chocolate shell, is the reason acronyms like OMFG...

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Unfortunate Cookies

$8.99 from Vat 19 »

A sarcastic spin on the traditional fortune cookie, unfortunate cookies tell it like it is. Each pack includes 10 witty, fun and sometimes scathing or disgusting fortunes that are sure to surprise whoever cracks them...

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Schweddy Balls Ice Cream

Well, there's no beating my Balls. They're made from a secret Schweddy Family recipe. No one can resist my Schweddy Balls. The classic SNL skit comes to life in the form of delicious schweddy balls ice cream. Mmmm....

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Blooming Flower Pot Cake

$100 from Williams Sonoma »

The perfect cake for a gardener, florist or person who likes awesome cakes. It actually sounds pretty nom nom too. A velvety-rich five-layer chocolate devil's food cake with chocolate-caramel truffle cream filling and...