The Dirty Cookie Shots

Posted: April 04, 2019
The Dirty Cookie Shots

In theory, buying The Dirty Cookie's Cookie Shots is way more expensive than buying a Milk & Cookie Shot Maker and baking the chocolate-lined cow-juice-and-booze-slingin' treats yourself. But remember, time is money. And in my case, frustration and smashing a Milk & Cookie Shot Maker on the floor when it doesn't make perfect chocolate chip Baileys reservoirs like I told it to are money too. Ultimately, probably more money than a set of The Dirty Cookie's pre-made Cookie Shots.

Cookie Shots come in packs of 6 - choose from Chocolate Chip, Assorted, or a Vegan version - and, after 7 to 10 seconds in the microwave, eat as soft, chewy cookie delights made every more delightful by the liquid you fill them with. Milk and liquor are the obvious choices, but The Dirty Cookie recommends trying a Cookie shot with cold brew coffee or ice cream too.

Try out Cookie Shots as a party gift during your next get together: the round's loser has to take the shot of Everclear, and then watch as the winner eats the delectable red velvet cookie glass it came in.

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