Chocolution Exploration Kits

Posted: January 01, 2015
Chocolution Exploration Kits
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One swell habit I developed over the holiday season was eating large quantities of food. Particularly those containing bacon and chocolate (usually separately, but sometimes together). So my New Year's Resolution is to take this period of December excess and extend it over all twelve of our year's months. However, in an effort to detox in January, as we work our way through the NFL playoffs to my next big festival of eating, the Super Bowl, I was thinking I'd get one of these Chocolution Exploration Kits.

Each of the three themed sets contains chocolate in its purest, cacao-based form--prior to the addition of sugar, chemicals, and other ingredients that turn what could be a nutrient-rich treat into a recipe for obesity and lonely nights of watching romantic tragedies about Marisa Tomei as a waitress and Christian Slater as a busboy with a failing baboon heart. The Chocolution Exploration Kits take this ancient delicacy back thousands of years, to its roots in Mexico and the Americas. They include:

The Chocolate Drink Time Traveler kit. From deep in the Amazon jungle to the Royal Courts of Europe, chocolate has been melted and drunk up for over 4,000 years. This kit contains information about its origins and a recipe leaflet, along with 6 x 22g chocolate tablets (cacao mass, cacao butter, coconut palm sugar, and cacao solids) plus spices for flavoring. They include: cornmeal, chilli powder, black pepper, jasmine flowers, lemon peel, anise, nutmeg, almond, cinnamon, and vanilla.

The Cacao Bean Botanist kit. Familiarize yourself with chocolate in the raw. Starring 4 of the world's finest varieties of cacao bean for roasting, taste-testing, and experimenting with in 7 different ways. Includes 100ml Sweet Freedom (100% natural sweetener), 50g Arriba Beans from Ecuador, 50g Criollo Beans from Peru, 50g Trinitario Beans from Madagascar, and 50g Trinitario Beans from Venezuela.

The Raw Chocolate Explorer kit. Create 3 types of nutritious raw chocolate while learning about the range of natural cacao products processed directly from the bean. Contains 100ml Sweet Freedom (100% natural sweetener), 50g Cacao Beans from Ecuador, 50g Cacao Mass, 50g Cacao Butter, and 50g Cacao Powder.

All Chocolution Exploration Kits are free of refined sugar, gluten, dairy, animal products, soy, lactose, preservatives, and artificial coloring.

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