Beer Ice Cream

Posted: March 30, 2012
Brewer's Cow Beer Ice Cream

Getting drunk and eating an entire pint of ice cream are typically consecutive events anyway, so why not combine them into one? Meet The Brewer's Cow, premium beer ice cream made from Guinness, Sam Adams, Ten Penny Ale, and that most succulent of bovine elixirs. Flavors are a triumvirate of Ten Penny Beer Nut Parfait, Black and Tan, and Bavarian Beer Brittle. Happily for the underage, the ice cream's actual alcohol content is 0--the BAC offenders evaporate during the cooking process. For the rest of us, The Brewer's Cow may not deliver a booze buzz on its own, but imagine the new realm of possibilities for beer...or whiskey...ice cream floats. Mmm, your blood stream will love it. Further intensify the experience by serving it up in the Tactical Beer Mug.

The Brewer's Cow has been churning malt and cream as one for over a decade. They've made it into the pages of The New York Times twice, and were very recently (sadly) given the shaft on the investment-based reality TV show Shark Tank. Stout, bock, and dark ale varieties all share a base of 16% butterfat cream, and contain no artificial flavors or colors. List price is for 6 pints.

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