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High Altitude Training Mask

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The high altitudes of Nepal, Machu Picchu, and Denver may naturally administer pulmonary resistance that conditions human lungs, and improves athletic endurance, but who wants to spend the time and money to travel there?...

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WiFi Bathroom Scale and Health Tracker

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The making of New Year's resolutions is behind us, and now we enter the murky waters of keeping them. And since increased exercise and improved diet are both the most frequently tried, and most frequently failed quests...

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Demon Bells

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Just in case the implications of heaving a 72-pound concentrated mass of steel back and forth near your head doesn't scare you enough, DemonBells have added the creepy faces you see in your nightmares to the mix....

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Sucker Identifier

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It looks like the powers that be, in a clandestine effort to identify all of the easily manipulated minds in the country, have incorporated a shell company to produce a bracelet which claims that just by wearing it, your...

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PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbell Set

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For what you're getting here, the price cannot be beat. These are solid, easily adjustable and very easy to use. Ranging from 5 to 45 pounds look no further for your entire home gym needs than these dumbbells....