Monkeylectric M204 Bike Wheel Light

Posted: November 13, 2014
Monkeylectric M204 Bike Wheel Light
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Monkey Lights and their explosions of LED colors and patterns first hit bike wheels a few years ago thanks to crowdfunding. Since then the company has built a thriving business around their dual goals of keeping cyclists safe and raving on the road. The new M204 Monkey Light complies with this ethos at a slightly lower price point and with a little less flamboyance.

The M204 unit straps to the spokes of either a front or back bike wheel and then beams out a Monkey Light show of customizable patterns to keep you visible and visibly awesome as you spin. Its 4 full-color LEDs have a 40 lumen brightness and solid rubber construction that allow them to shine through all weather conditions, including rain, snow, and shit storms.

Once installed, you can choose from 5 different M204 color themes that will run for up to 60 hours before requiring battery replacement. Battery packs hold 3 x AAs and mount to hubs to maintain wheel balance.

M204 Monkey Lights are intended for bicycle wheels 16" and larger.

Monkey Lights a top Dude Gift for a Teen pick.

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