The Secret Art of Being a Grown-Up

By: on May 03, 2017
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While Bridget Watson Payne's delivery in The Secret Art of Being a Grown-Up: Tips, Tricks, and Perks No One Thought to Tell You largely takes the form of cartoons and quick blocks of conversational narrative, I think most of her advice is sound. Here are a few choice nuggets:

Be suspicious of any kitchen tool that performs only 1 function (e.g., garlic press). [Obvious exceptions are the corkscrew and the Ham Dogger.] The Secret Art of Being a Grown-Up also outlines the tools you truly need to make yourself a functional kitchen that can even support a guest or two for dinner.

Go into nice hotels to use the restroom. Just don't tell them you're crashing their johns, or even ask where the bathroom is. Projecting "even a medium level of self-assurance" will get you far.

Look at the ends of your boxes of foil, cling wrap, and wax paper. See those perforated tabs? If you press them in the entire roll of foil / wrap / paper won't come tumbling out every time you move to tear off a sheet.

Additional grown-up topics tackled include the best way to open a champagne bottle, how to get a group of people to decide where to go for dinner, and how hard to watch out for credit card interest. Just in time for graduation, The Secret Art of Being a Grown-Up is a no-brainer gift for the boys and girls you know entering into adulthood (or those who should have crossed the border a long time ago.

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School of Hard Blocks - Alphabet Blocks for Adults

The School of Hard Blocks is a set of 12 alphabet blocks modeled after the traditional wood children's blocks, but made of concrete. And made for adults who need to learn, ponder, or build up their own ABCs. Adultery....

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Faking It: How to Seem Like a Better Person

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...Without Actually Improving Yourself. As a self-help book, Faking It adds a delightful twist: you don't have to journal or meditate or talk about your feelings or change at all to help yourself. You just have to perfect...

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The Fragment Smash & Bash Rage Room

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For $220...and the cost of a trip to Singapore...you could enter The Fragment Room, and unleash 60 uninterrupted minutes of all-out rage. Smash the plates and vases. Bash in the monitor. Take a bat to the walls. Scream....

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

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The most surprising thing about Mark Manson's new self-help guide on how not to give a f*ck is that he presents what I would (proudly) consider an obnoxious personality trait as a "subtle art." The Subtle Art of Not Giving...

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Questions for Terrible People

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Questions for Terrible People, a group to which I'm 90% sure I belong, contains 250 What If?s, Would you Rather?s, and What Would You Do?s. The book will be a psychological feast for me on the long ass flight I have to...

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Rorschach Mug

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From he who brought you these moving Rorschach Masks comes a similar morphing ink blot effect on a medium that doesn't require covering your face in a sock and looking like a dude people cross the street to avoid to make...

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Grow the F*ck Up

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Grow the F*ck Up, you had me at "Giggle and shart." John Kyle's approach to teaching teens and young adults how to survive and, more importantly, make something of themselves in the world outside Mama's house is blunt...

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Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life

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We've heard what a Navy SEAL has to say about spitting in the face of danger and disaster...or at least walking away from them alive and safe...so I figured we might as well let a CIA officer weigh in on the topic too....

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The Little Book of Hygge

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Hygge. Since the term started making the rounds in American pop culture a few months ago I've been pronouncing it like the sound I'd make if someone sucker punched me in the gut. But thanks to The Little Book of Hygge's...

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The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck

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Really? There's a whole book now to teach you about the principle by which I've already been living my entire life? Not giving a f*ck. I know, author Sarah Knight knows, and soon everyone else who reads The Life-Changing...

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The Undoing Project

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The Undoing Project isn't so much a story of psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky's Prospect theory as it is of the uncanny, almost twin-like kinship and professional symbiosis the men developed during their...

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Oh, the Places You'll Eff Up

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Know someone who's about to graduate college? Stressing, lying awake at night thinking, Now what? For me it was business as usual. Chillin', mowwin', gamin' at my mama's house with my friend Cornelius. But then one day...