The Ham Dogger

Posted: April 09, 2013
The Ham Dogger
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My friend Dominic is an electrical engineer who used to work for this company developing a chip to implant in the brains of epileptics that would help predict when they were going to have seizures, and if I had one of those chips in my brain, it would send me a seizure alert right now. A hamburger in the shape of a hot dog?! It's almost too much. It's one strip of bacon wrapped around the outside away from Grand Mal sensory overload. It's...it's...Ham Dogger!...it's a miracle.

Kitchen Art's Ham Dogger takes a quarter pound of ground beef and shapes it into a meat tube reminiscent of America's second favorite pork product, proving once again that anyone who argues in favor of leaving well enough alone should shut the F up.

And here you thought you'd never say "Yes, please," when offered a giant, well-seasoned tube steak.

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