FlushBrush - Self-Cleaning Toilet Brush

Posted: February 02, 2020
$24 - $31
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The FlushBrush is a self-cleaning toilet brush because its snap-on / pop-off head stores right in your toilet bowl, right in the middle of the tsunami of water that swirls 'round the top every time someone flushes. Too bad the FlushBrush is still in crowdfunding stages. If I had one in my toilet long about halftime of Super Bowl LIV - for which I am hosting a party filled with 12 friends and my wife's delicious BBQ baby back ribs, sloppy joes, and tater totchos - I'd end up with the cleanest toilet bowl brush in the land.

FlushBrush is Brit Tom Keen's invention, one he says, "brings toilet cleaning into the 21st century," making the simple, yet dated tool more convenient and hygienic to use. Keen says the FlushBrush makes 3 key changes to your standard stick-and-cylinder setup to accomplish this:

  1. FlushBrush has a silicone head to repel water and waste [I suppose "waste" is the PR-friendly term for pee and poo], unlike bristled brush that reel them in and hold on tight.
  2. The FlushBrush head stores inside your toilet, on a cradle that latches onto the rim of the bowl, and in a way that allows fresh toilet water to stream over it with every flush. This helps both to clean off the brush, and make sure you never inadvertently transfer anything from inside the toilet outside of it.
  3. Brush heads are replaceable whenever you want, but the wand and cradle will last indefinitely.

If you're interested in FlushBrushing down your toilet bowl, click here to pledge for the FlushBrush on Kickstarter through February 27, 2020.

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