About Us

Dude... what's the deal?

DudeIWantThat.com is what happens when two people with basic understandings of consumerism and the English language spend an inordinate amount of time scouring the Internet for cool stuff. As a curator of all the best (mostly) buyable merchandise on the Web, DudeIWantThat.com digs into the abyss of online retailers, independent artists' marketplaces, and fundraising sites, and emerges with products we hope will help you shop for gifts, make your day a little more interesting, or move you to tap your buddy and say, Dude! I want that.

We don't sell any of the products we feature, and while we receive a small percentage of sales from a few of them, a product's monetary success both before and after its posting on Dude does not concern us. We list only items we think our followers will want to see and read about, and we aim to write fair, unbiased and if necessary, scathing reviews of those we select. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Additionally, we participate in the affiliate programs of ThinkGeek.com through Commission Junction and Etsy through Affiliate Window.

DudeIWantThat.com posts 3 new products per day, 7 days a week so be sure to add us to your Bookmarks and click back often. And if you find yourself DudeIWantingThat about a product we haven't yet featured, head over to our Dude Product Tips form and let us know. We love suggestions, comments, and readers who take part in the Dude community. Even when they're snarky, bust our chops, or reduce us to calling our moms for reaffirmations of self-worth.

We here at Dude are minimalists and...control freaks. The entire site has been conceived, designed, coded and published by two very weird people. No pre-canned site management software or third-party components. We take pride in each and every aspect of the site from the images we use or create to the spelling and grammar in every article. We feel that goes a long way in differentiating Dude from all of the other plug-and-play Tumblr and Wordpress sites out there. It's a labor of passion and we hope you enjoy the results.


Many items listed on DudeIWantThat.com show a price and corresponding website to purchase the items we list. This pricing is based on the best available information on retail pricing at the time we create the post. Since we do not directly sell products from DudeIWantThat.com, we cannot guarantee the ongoing accuracy of pricing or changes in product availability. However, we do our best to keep all information on past and current products accurate and will correct any inaccuracies as soon as they are brought to our attention.

How can you help?

As stated, we spend an inordinate amount of time "surfing" the Internet. Generally, if it's cool and on the Internet, we'll find it. And if we don't, we hope you'll let us know about it. Just email us any "Dude-worthy" products through our contact form and if we agree, we'll list them for everyone to enjoy and give you a big fat mention at the end of the article.