Shine Bathroom - Make Your Toilet Self-Cleaning

Posted: October 13, 2019
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Here we go with another robot taking over a human's job. The Shine Bathroom Assistant is aiming to force you out of your toilet cleaning tasks with an automated design and chemical-free sanitizing pods. What a punk!

Shine Bathroom is seeking funding for their smart toilet cleaner on IndieGoGo. If successful - in both backing and production - the Assistant will install on top of, or somewhere near, your existing toilet with a waterline and sensors attached to your toilet bowl. The pods inside the Shine will last around 1 month and serve to create electrolyzed water inside the device's small water tank. The electrolyzed water rushes into the toilet bowl anytime the device detects a flush - or you command it via the Shine Bathroom Assistant companion app - where it cleans and deodorizes the surface. No more manual cleaning. Sorry, humans.

The Shine Bathroom app also tracks toilet use to alert you of potential leaks, and can connect to Alexa to operate under voice commands.

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