Skullduggery Skeleton Toilet Brush

Posted: September 21, 2018
Skullduggery Skeleton Toilet Brush
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I wonder what this skull did while he was living to get the sentence of cleaning toilets in his afterlife. Probably went over to his buddy's place and made a beeline for the bathroom after downing a wad of sausages with kraut and 4 pints of German beer at Deustch House happy hour one too many times. One. Too. Many. Times, Cornelius!

Start amping up your Halloween gear, or your all-year-long creepy bathroom gear, with the Skullduggery Skeleton Toilet Brush from Design Toscano. This is no cheap dead man tchotchke either. The evil-looking skull stand and even more evil-looking shrunken skull brush wand are hand-cast using crushed stone and resin.

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