Toilet Sword Better-Than-a-Plunger Drain Snake

Posted: October 19, 2023
Toilet Sword Better-Than-a-Plunger Drain Snake
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Toilet Sword, you have my attention. For your sword-y design, of course. For your self-description as "revolutionary." And most of all, for your claim that you are better than a plunger, because, as my post-Loaded Chili Totchos clogged toilet would indicate, better than a plunger is exactly what I need.

Let's start with the Toilet Sword's shape and construction. The former, a loose nod to the rapier, will help make completing a dirty, disgusting task feel sick in the good way instead of the bad one. The latter eschews your typical steel for a proprietary material that's just as strong, but a lot more flexible, and allows the Toilet Sword to both stab and snake down into the abyss of your wads of t.p. and child-size turds. According to maker Keegan Tools, the design and build also prevent splashing, water displacement, and unexpected toilet burps in your face during the unclogging process.

These features, along with a lack of seams, joints, and creases that can collect feces, bacteria, and used toilet paper, contribute to the Toilet Plunger's "revolutionary" and "better-than-a-plunger" product claims. It should also be easier to use, fitting into any size / shape of toilet trap-way opening, and extending the full length of the curved route to clear clogs. And once you're finished, the Toilet Sword itself is much easier to clean than a plunger, requiring no more than a swipe of a disinfectant wipe.

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